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DataArchiva: Data storage ROI Calculator

DataArchiva can periodically archive infrequently used Salesforce data and can save up to 80% of Salesforce data storage cost. As a larger trove of Salesforce data comes at a greater cost, enterprises are turning to DataArchiva in order to reduce their capital and operational expenditures.

This ROI Calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could achieve by periodically archiving your less used Salesforce data with the use of DataArchiva application. In order to get an approximate percentage of how much data storage cost you can save, please enter your estimated archivable data size (in GB).

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Great App to Save on Data Storage Costs + Great Teamwork!

Amer Hyat Khan

As a Government entity, data security and compliance were two of the biggest challenges for us. As our Salesforce data continues to increase in volume (seven year retention requirement), we were looking for a Government Cloud certified archiving service provider. DataArchiva met our stringent & complex requirements by offering a secure data archiving solution. DataArchiva with its handful of innovative features added value to our business. The team behind DataArchiva is resourceful & skilled. Their rate of response is fantastic. They adhered to the plan and ensured quality and support. The team understood our pain areas and worked with us… Read more “Great App to Save on Data Storage Costs + Great Teamwork!”

Amer Hyat Khan
Connecticut Department of Labor

Wow … Superb and Amazing!!

Dataarchiva AppExchange Testimonial

We’ve been waiting years to have this kind of native, secured, cost-effective, affordable, zero maintenance, instant archive/restore and easy to setup data archive solution, without taking our data out of the Salesforce platform. Though Data Archiva offers many features, my favourites are – “criteria based archiving” for any object with any number of relationships (including Attachments, Files, Feed Items and History data), along with “viewing the archived data” just like viewing the regular CRM data and “metadata auto reconciliation”.

Michael Bowling
Allied Investment Group

Easy to use and find archived data!!

Kelly ifood

Our biggest challenge was dealing with a lot of customer data which includes emails, cases, activities and we were concerned from the perspective of security, accessibility and data management. DataArchiva came to our rescue by not only providing a fantastic service in implementation, but we were pleasantly surprised by the agility of their support team. They went to the extent of customizing the application to meet our specific requirements. The other unique challenge we faced was the language barrier, as we are based out of Brazil and our Salesforce Org was in Portuguese. I am highly impressed by the DataArchiva’s… Read more “Easy to use and find archived data!!”

Kelly Karl