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About DataConnectiva

If we see the current data archiving trends, businesses are looking for an enterprise-level archiving solution which can offer multiple storage options. DataConnectiva was born with the idea to offer DataArchiva customers an option to store their Salesforce historical data in an external cloud or  on-premise storage system other than Big Objects.

By offering the same features and benefits that DataArchiva does, DataConnectiva can seamlessly archive your Salesforce data and store it in your preferred external storage system.

Currently, DataConnectiva supports various cloud database service platform providers like Amazon, Google, Azure, Heroku, which includes various databases like postgre, Redshift, Mysql, Oracle, Mssql etc. DataConnectiva even supports all types of on-premises storage systems.

If you want to archive your data and store it in any of the above external storage systems rather than archiving it at the native level using Big Objects, here is the solution your business need.

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DataArchiva is a structured data archiving solution powered by Big Objects which can periodically archive your historical Salesforce data.

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