Popular Features

We are on a mission to make your data archiving experience on Salesforce seamless & fast with all our in-built next-gen application features.

Schedule the archiving job the way you want by taking out all the manual efforts. You can archive your Salesforce data on a monthly, quarterly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis.

Our Salesforce archiving solution will archive your data by maintaining complex object relationships & any level of data hierarchy. You can be assured of your data integrity.

Migrate a large volume of data from your Salesforce primary data storage to the archived location using our highly robust initial data offloading feature.

Protect your archived data with an additional layer of security using DataArchiva's encryption-at-rest feature. It uses the highest standard of encryption technology and also supports a key rotation policy.

Keep 100% data accessibility without any hassle. Seamlessly access & view both live & archived data right from your Salesforce UI without impacting the user experience. Everything at the core.


Advanced Features

Our advanced features help you meet any type of data archive needs on Salesforce in a
breeze while keeping all your business data close to your business.

Additional Capabilities

We offer a gamut of other solutions to help you accelerate your Salesforce adoption
without worrying about your digital assets.

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Your Salesforce Archiving Partner

DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
CEPTES has been a pure-play Salesforce platform-focused company since 2010. We are product magicians as well as Salesforce consulting whizzes with 1000+ customers across the world. DataArchiva is CEPTES’s flagship application listed on AppExchange