Secured Data Archiving for Financial Industry Powered by DataArchiva

Salesforce customers from the financial industry often deal with massive data which is highly sensitive in nature. Apart from data security, the industry needs to follow internal data policies as well as compliance needs. DataArchiva helps financial firms using a Salesforce system manage their data with structured archiving at a native level using Big Objects.


πŸ‘‰ 360-degree visibility of the business
πŸ‘‰ Data growth & limited data storage
πŸ‘‰ High storage costs
πŸ‘‰ Slower Application performance
πŸ‘‰ Data governance
πŸ‘‰ Long-term data retention
πŸ‘‰ Data security
πŸ‘‰ Data accessibility & restore
πŸ‘‰ Audit & compliance

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DataArchiva Solution

πŸ‘‰ Native level archiving
πŸ‘‰ 85%+ cost savings
πŸ‘‰ 2x improved performance
πŸ‘‰ Enterprise-grade governance
πŸ‘‰ Long-term data retention with seamless accessibility
πŸ‘‰ One-click restore
πŸ‘‰ Highest grade security – Encryption
πŸ‘‰ Support for regulatory compliance