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In today’s digitally-driven business era, the importance of data has become inevitable. In multiple ways, data is not only streamlining critical business processes but also helping enterprises enjoy that extra cheese over their competitors. While we talk about data & its significance in the financial sector, it is undoubtedly limitless. The financial industry runs on data & the volume of data they deal with is massive.

Financial companies often consider certain critical aspects of data such as storage cost, storage environment, security, accessibility, integrity, and compliance while adopting a data management strategy. Archiving historical data can help financial service providers address challenges like storage space optimization, bringing the storage costs down, maintaining high CRM performance, and retaining data for a longer time. DataArchiva helps financial enterprises using a Salesforce application (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Cloud, Platform, etc.) archive Salesforce data at a native-level.

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Why DataArchiva?

Native Archive

85%+ Storage Cost Saving

2x Improved Application Performance

Data Retention for Compliance

100% Data Accessibility

Archive your Financial Data in Salesforce using DataArchiva

Auto Scheduler

Schedule your data archiving job hourly, weekly, monthly, or quarterly

Archiving Policy

Set your custom archiving policy depending on your data & business requirements

Data Integrity

View your archived data right from your Salesforce system

Complex Object Relationships

Takes care of your complex object relationships of any level


Restore all your archived records with one click


Supports encryption & data will be encrypted in Big Objects

Amazing product & team

My team’s developer & I are very impressed with the architecture & development of this product. I could walk through the whole process from install, configuration to permissions all with their documentation. My stakeholders love that they can see their data easily. Everything is visible & accessible, without their ‘cheese’ being moved. If you get the chance, like I did, work with the team. I was fortunate to be engaged with so many great employees with DataArchiva. 

Lisa Berry

Product Datasheet