DataArchiva For Healthcare

Better manage your critical customer data in Salesforce with Optimized storage & seamless long-term retention to meet regulatory compliance demands

Non-Compliances Can Have Consequences

Salesforce data archiving for healthcare is crucial to be compliant to data retention rules. The restrictions that come under HIPAA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulation speak directly to organizations holding to HIPAA-associated records that are enclosed under demands like patient authorizations, employee section policies, access logs, and a few more data retention limitations. Therefore you not only need to retain your healthcare data for a certain period of time but also incline to the consonants of the data law followed by your industry.

Salesforce Data Archiving Vs Storage Limitations

As non-compliance comes with consequences, Salesforce data comes with storage limitations. And the limitations are valid if you have not encountered DataArchiva, a compliance archiving application for Salesforce data for healthcare industries.

DataArchiva in Supporting Salesforce Data Archiving for Healthcare

DataArchiva is the most feature-rich Salesforce data archiving application that can cater to all compliance and data retention needs for your health systems, insurance companies,  pharmaceutical companies,  public health departments, retail health, digital health companies, and life sciences firms.

Making your Archiving Experience in Salesforce Seamless

Compliance Approved Archiving

You can meet data retention requirements for CCPA, FedRAMP, FDA, HIPPA, FINRA, with no additional integration`

Multiple Data Type Support

You are allowed to archive any type of data from multiple Salesforce channels(Standard & Custom objects, Chatter feeds, Field Audit Data, Data from any 3rd-party AppExchange) as per your compliance demands

100% Data Accessibility

You can have the full authority to purge or view your data right within Salesforce even after archiving

Meta Data Sync

You can archive your Salesforce finance data without losing the structure of the master details and the object relationships, so that your data can survive a long-term retention state as instructed by the HIPPA


You can schedule the archiving job as per your formative time stated by healthcare data laws you respond or abide by, on pro-rata basis.

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Check out how leading healthcare institutions are leveraging the power of DataArchiva to achieve complex data management goals for your Health Cloud in Salesforce.


An enterprise-ready data archiving application for Salesforce that can archive historical data to any external storage platform & database or right at Salesforce BigObjects without losing data integrity.


DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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