Losing Data from Salesforce: A Tale of Desolation & Euphoria

If you feel like losing data from your Salesforce Org is no big deal since you can have a proper data backup mechanism in place, think twice. Especially after you hear the plight of Darcy, a newbie Salesforce user in a popular healthcare service provider, where he had been working for a little over 6 months.

One day, which began as just another regular day, Darcy discovered that an important data record he was working on had disappeared. Panic set in as he searched for the data in the Org, but no luck. He just couldn’t locate it anywhere but discovered something far more ominous in the process. Not just one but several data records were missing from the data storage of the Salesforce Org.

Without any further delay, Darcy rushed to Niel, the IT whizz of the company. He hoped Niel could work his magic & recover the lost data records in Salesforce. After tinkering with the system for over an hour, Niel finally gave more bad news to Darcy. Not only was data deleted from the internal data storage of the Salesforce Org but there was no backup copy of those records in the data backup storage also. Now Darcy really became terrified of his fate.

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In reality, what happened was that while Darcy was cleaning out the Org’s data storage, in a bid to optimize its performance, he accidentally deleted that data. Now even though his firm had a proper data backup system in place, in case anything like this happened, no one had been checking up on it for a long time. This is why nobody realized that the backup solution wasn’t functioning as it was supposed to. All this left Darcy in a fix where he became the cause of the loss of very valuable & sensitive data for his firm.

What’s The Way Out?

So this was the case of Darcy, but anyone can find themselves in the same situation, even you. Salesforce data loss is far more common than enterprises believe it to be. Unbeknownst to you, menacing things might be happening around you that could threaten the safety & security of your crucial data. There can be errant employees, like Darcy, or your users may simply make system integration errors or write bad code for the applications.

Causes of Data Loss in Salesforce

This is the reason it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the most crucial components of the enterprise’s business plan is data protection & recovery for its data in Salesforce. Since data loss would significantly impact the abilities & business productivity of most companies, especially the ones who deal with sensitive data, having a proper & up-to-date data protection strategy for the Salesforce system is a must.

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What Did Darcy’s Firm Do Next?

After facing that data loss event, Darcy’s firm sure did feel the heat. Not only did it lose the sensitive data forever, but it also had difficulty in fulfilling its compliance needs which ultimately impacted its revenue & overall productivity. After going through so much, the healthcare leader began the tedious process of looking for a better data backup strategy for their firm.

After due diligence, they finalized upon DataArchiva Backup. Though DataArchiva Backup couldn’t recover those data records that were lost before it was implemented in the firm’s system, it provided great protection from any future data loss events.

As you’re reading this article, the application has already backed up the firm’s sensitive data & is safeguarding it in the firm’s AWS S3 storage. Leveraging DataArchiva Backup’s seamless data backup capabilities, the healthcare leader was easily able to protect its data from all kinds of threats. But what they liked the most was the app’s quick & reliable data recovery capabilities that allowed them to recover whichever data they wanted to recover & whenever they needed it.

You can check out the product’s datasheet if you wish to know about the product further. If you’re also impressed with the features & capabilities of this robust data backup & recovery solution for Salesforce, please get in touch with us to understand it even better.

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