Data Backup vs data Archive

Data Backup or Data Archive: What your business needs?

In today’s business world, no organization irrespective of its size and industry is excluded from the government, legal, internal or competitive demands to store historical business data for a longer period of time. However, retaining a huge volume of old data comes with several challenges. One of the biggest challenges is how to do more […]

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Why CEPTES built DataArchiva?

Data is expanding at a frantic pace with everyday growing business. As per an IDC report, by 2025 the amount of data created and copied annually will grow to 163 zettabytes (ZB), or one trillion gigabytes. This is a whopping 10 times more than the data generated in 2016. Today every organization retain most of […]

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Data Archiva

Salesforce Data Archiving: Best Practices

Relevant business data is your “ace of spades”. To use it for achieving competitive edge & business visibility, you need to first have it in your deck. Data is crucial for organizations to make business decisions based on facts and for more accurate targeting. One of the most significant ways of operating a business today […]

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