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Redefine your Salesforce Data Archiving: Join DataArchiva™ Webinars

<span>Redefine your Salesforce Data Archiving: </span>Join DataArchiva™ Webinars

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  • Why DataArchiva is a 'love at first sight' application for Salesforce users?
  • Why top enterprises are choosing DataArchiva for their Salesforce data archival?
  • The magic of Salesforce data archiving - Embracing DataArchiva!
  • Your strategic Salesforce data archiving solution - DataArchiva!


Unmanaged data growth, limited data storage space, high additional storage costs and seeing the right approach or solution to overcome it; are still one of those complex challenges in the Salesforce ecosystem. As a native data archiving solution for Salesforce, DataArchiva has been so far clinical in offering one of the most cost-effective & robust solutions when it comes to addressing all these challenges.

In this webinar, we will show you how DataArchiva became so popular in a span of just over a year and is now the first choice data archiving solution for Salesforce users.

Join this webinar to learn how can you efficiently archive your historical Salesforce data and save up to 80% of your Salesforce data storage costs, meet compliance requirements and enhance application performance.


  • DataArchiva – Introduction
  • DataArchiva – Top Features
  • DataArchiva – Use cases


Nanda Kumar

Nanda Kumar

Chief Technology Officer, DataArchiva

Sandeep Kumar Chettry

Co-Founder & Chief Architect, DataArchiva

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DataArchiva is a structured data archiving solution powered by Big Objects which can periodically archive your historical Salesforce data.

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