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DataArchiva @Dreamforce 2018

An Enterprise Data Archiving Solution

Native. Scalable. Analytical. Secure. Compliance. Faster Time to Value

CEPTES listed as a Representative Vendor for their
flagship product DataArchiva in 2018 Gartner Market
Guide for Structured Data Archiving
and Application Retirement.

*Gartner, Inc. Market Guide for Structured
Data Archiving and Application Retirement, July 2, 2018.

I can save half a million dollars using DataArchiva

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Now get rid of expensive
Salesforce storage cost
up to 80% & start archiving
your data with DataArchiva

  • A True Native Application
  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Instant Archive & Retrieve
  • High Application Performance
Get the App NowSchedule Demo
Get the App NowSchedule Demo

DataArchiva is a set
& forget product,
that requires little to
no maintenance. It reduced
our file storage cost in a
very short span of time.

Whitepaper on Salesforce® Data Archival

DataArchiva whitepaper features a comprehensive list of technical resources covering topics such as Salesforce® data archival, data storage, data security etc..

  • Save data storage cost up to 80%
  • Improve application performance
  • Compliance ready
  • Secure business data

Why DataArchiva?

A seamless, digital & optimum native application to archive your unused Salesforce® data intelligently.

Instant Archive & Restore

DataArchiva is a true native, simple and admin friendly application. Being native, your data archival and restore is instant. This is a custom developed app keeping specific business requirements in mind. This app supports external integration through API & can work simultaneously with any other AppExchange custom app/solution.

Cost-effective Storage Space

DataArchiva offers a very cost-effective storage space for your data within the Salesforce® platform. As Salesforce® storage is way too expensive, you can archive your unused data in DataArchiva and save 80% of your storage cost annually.

Enhanced Efficiency & Application Performance

DataArchiva will enhance the overall efficiency of your application. At times data overloading results in too much time-consuming in assessing the required data. DataArchiva will archive lesser use data which will speed up the application performance as well as protect data for future use.

Compliance Ready

While archiving data, one thing which always strikes is the compliance issue. However, DataArchiva will always help you save the data in a separate server or even at times within your internal network. This enhances the data security with a relatively less storage cost.

Data Security & Protection

Your archive data never leaves from Salesforce® system. And always protected by same Salesforce® Platform where your business critical data resides. Moreover, you can choose to encrypt your archive data at rest.

Easy to use with 24*7 Support

DataArchiva is extremely user-friendly & can manage more than a billion records. Admin can configure objects with ease without any hassle. With our 24*7 customer support, any kind of query can be addressed promptly.

What Our Clients Say

Wow … Superb and Amazing!!

We’ve been waiting years to have this kind of native, secured, cost-effective, affordable, zero maintenance, instant archive/restore and easy to setup data archive solution, without taking our data out of the Salesforce platform.

Though Data Archiva offers many features, my favourites are – “criteria based archiving” for any object with any number of relationships (including Attachments, Files, Feed Items and History data), along with “viewing the archived data” just like viewing the regular CRM data and “metadata auto reconciliation”.

Dataarchiva AppExchange Testimonial
Michael Bowling
Allied Investment Group



Per Org / Month

$ 99

  • # of archivable objects: 5
  • Support related attachment
  • Search archived data
  • Print archived data
  • Export archived data (CSV)
  • Status based archiving
  • Schedule archiving
  • Activity auditing
  • Email Support: Yes


Per Org / Month

$ 499

  • All Starter Features +
  • # of archivable objects: 25
  • 5 level of relationship supported
  • 5 related custom object supported
  • Metadata auto-reconciliation
  • Archive file/attachment externally (with extra $)
  • Archive data view layout
  • Online support portal: Yes


Per Org / Month


  • All Professional Features +
  • # of archivable objects: 100
  • 10 level of relationship supported
  • 10 related custom object supported
  • Archive data encryption
  • Standard/system audit trail archive
  • Phone support: Yes
  • Dedicated account manager: Yes

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Frequently asked questions over how to archive your data safely

DataArchiva is a Salesforce application available in app exchange and is used Salesforce data archive needs.
DataArchiva is a native to Salesforce platform, which means, the archived data does not leave Salesforce echo system. Being native to Salesforce, there are many advantages w.r.t Security, throughput, platform scalability, hardware, etc.
DataArchiva archives data in to big data storage called Big Objects. DataArchiva has a layer on top of Big Objects that takes care of handling object relationship, data types, indexes, etc under the hood.
No additional software or hardware needed for DataArchiva.
By default Salesforce provides free storage upto 1 million records for Big Objects and beyond this is chargable. The cost of Big Object storage is way cheaper than the regular Salesforce Objects.

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