Next-gen Salesforce Data Archive

Optimize Performance, Data Growth & Compliance with Native Archiving


Archive your unused data at a native level to Big Objects in real-time


Ensure anytime archived data accessibility with on-demand restore


Meet stringent data retention policies to boost regulatory compliance

Top Data Growth Sources in a Salesforce Org after 2years of use

Optimized Data Storage
Transform your Salesforce data storage needs

Archive all your old cases, emails, tasks, leads, contacts, field history, etc. into the Big Objects without losing data accessibility & integrity.

  • Optimized storage
  • Reduced costs
Native Solution
Storage Cost Savings
Improved Performance
Million Records Archived
Peter Steinebach

Luxury Skincare Company

So easy to save expensive SF Storage; great experience to work with the team. 

When searching for a solution to save expensive Salesforce Data Storage, we found the DataArchiva. After a quick test, I realized how easy to install & use it and how simple it does exactly this job. We decided to use the Salesforce BigObject as the storage solution but it can easily be extended to use other storage options outside of Salesforce. This is definitely my preferred option if customers are asking to save data storage by keeping functionality.

Lisa Berry

Travel & Hospitality Company

Amazing product & team

I have worked with the DataArchiva team to implement this product to alleviate our platforms increasing storage limits. My stakeholders love that they can see their data easily. Everything is visible & accessible, without their 'cheese' being moved. I was fortunate to be engaged with so many great employees of DataArchiva. From support, technical, sales, marketing; they are very responsive and kind.

Srinivas Poruri

Education Service Provider

Impressive Product, Very well architected

DataArchiva is an impressive product – it exceeded our requirements for an archival solution. It is well-architected, with multiple archiving options – within Salesforce and external to Salesforce, with considerable flexibility on archival criteria and automation capabilities. We highly recommend that any organization that is looking to optimize their Salesforce environment and save on storage should consider DataArchiva as a solution.

Kelly Karl

FoodTech Company

Easy to use and find archived data!!

DataArchiva came to our rescue by not only providing a fantastic service in implementation but we were pleasantly surprised by the agility of their support team. They went to the extent of customizing the application to meet our specific requirements. The other unique challenge we faced was the language barrier, as we are based out of Brazil and our Salesforce Org was in Portuguese. I am highly impressed by DataArchiva's team in handling this obstacle so smoothly.

Amer Hyat Khan

Government Organization

Great App to Save on Data Storage Costs + Great Teamwork!

DataArchiva met our stringent & complex requirements by offering a secure data archiving solution. The team behind DataArchiva is resourceful & skilled. We highly recommend DataArchiva for any industry in which data a large amount of data must be retained. Our favorite part is that even though the App archived our data, it continues to be readily available at all times - no other data archiving App offers this level of functionality and ease of use.

Michael Bowling

Financial Service Provider

Wow ... Superb and Amazing!!

We've been waiting years to have this kind of native, secured, cost-effective, affordable, zero maintenance, instant archive/restore and easy to set up data archive solution, without taking our data out of the Salesforce platform.

Trusted by the Bests

Easy to configure, customize & use with a Faster ROI

From mid-scale businesses to Fortune 500s, they redefined their Salesforce data management strategies with DataArchiva.

  • Industry Agnostic
  • Highly Scalable


Integrate external platforms like Azure, Heroku, AWS, etc. with Salesforce to keep your archived data in any outside database such as Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, etc.


With our Salesforce backup & recovery solution, backup your critical business data and also ensure it is highly secured within your cloud infrastructure.

Native Data Archiving Solution for Compliance, Retention & Governance

Best in Next-gen Capabilities

• Multiple ways to archive
• Additional Protection via encryption
• Archived data view within Salesforce
• Complex data relationship management
• Single click restoration
• Large data migration
• Chatter archive
• Analytics

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