Why DataArchiva?

<span>Why </span>DataArchiva?

A Key to Data Governance, Retention & Analytics

Structured Data Archiving

Structured Data Archiving

Takes care of complex data relationships while maintaining data accessibility & referential integrity

Auto/Manual Archiving

Auto/Manual Archiving

Archival process can be automated using query filters with the help of the schedule archiving feature

Audit & 

Audit &

Efficiently respond to legal discovery requests & compliance audits by keeping a track of the auditing activity

Analytics & Prediction

Analytics & Prediction

Perform analytics & prediction on the archived data to get the best out of your Salesforce historical data

Customer Success Stories

<span>Customer </span> Success Stories

Customers from varied industries & sizes trusted DataArchiva to unlock the value of their Salesforce data

iFood has archived their historical Salesforce data & reduced high recurring storage cost leveraging DataArchiva.


CTDoL now suffice Federal & State data retention and compliance requirements with DataArchiva


Allied Investment used DataArchiva which helped them save 82% of their Salesforce data storage cost


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70% of the business data are potentially archivable

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Let’s get you started with DataArchiva

<span>Let’s get you started with</span> DataArchiva

Find a plan that is right for your business


$ 499 Per Org / Month
  • Includes following features
  • # of archivable objects: 25
  • Archive data size limit: Any size
  • 5 level of relationship supported
  • Metadata auto-reconciliation
  • Activity auditing
  • FAT (Field Audit Trail) Archiving
  • External data storage connector (with extra $)
    * Supports public, private or hybrid cloud.
    (AWS, Heroku, Azure, Google, HP Cloud - Oracle, MS SQL Server, Redshift, Postgres, MySQL)
  • Archive file/attachment externally: Yes (with extra $)
  • Archive data encryption: Yes (with extra $)
  • Email Support: Yes
    Phone Support: Yes
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  • All Professional Features +
  • # of archivable objects: 100
  • Archive data size limit: Any size
  • Any level of relationship supported
  • Standard/system audit trail archive
  • External data storage connector 
    * Supports public, private or hybrid cloud.
    (AWS, Heroku, Azure, Google, HP Cloud - Oracle, MS SQL Server, Redshift, Postgres, MySQL)
  • Archive file/attachment externally: Yes
  • Archive data encryption: Yes
  • Premium Support: Yes
  • Dedicated account manager: Yes
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*  Supports various cloud database service platform providers like Amazon, Google, Azure, Heroku, which includes various databases like Postgre, Redshift, MySQL, Oracle & MSSQL *  Contact us if you don’t see your favourite database listed here.

Competitive Analysis

<span>Competitive</span> Analysis

This is why DataArchiva is the first choice Salesforce Native data archiving solution


Start Saving 80%+ Data Storage Cost

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DataArchiva is a structured data archiving solution powered by Big Objects which can periodically archive your historical Salesforce data.

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