Government & Federal Agencies

DataArchiva For Government

Better manage your critical customer data in Salesforce with optimized storage & seamless long-term retention to meet regulatory compliance demands

Meeting Challenges in Engaging Constituents

DataArchiva is a US Gov cloud-ready application which signifies that DataArchiva is a highly secure & scalable application to meet archival needs.

Salesforce Data Archiving Vs Storage Limitations

Salesforce shores infinite customization capabilities in developing CRM systems for public sector organizations, but its cloud storage systems come with a cost. The most efficient way of handling the data storage costs is to have a robust archival strategy to keep the Salesforce data safe. And the limitations are valid if you have yet to encounter DataArchiva. Moreover, Dataarchiva Native Archiving is the best and only Salesforce data archiving application that uses Salesforce native BigObjects to archive process-sensitive data making it a viable option for managing compliance with ease.

DataArchiva in Supporting Salesforce Data Archiving for Government

DataArchiva is the most feature-rich Salesforce data archiving application that can cater to all compliance and data retention needs for Government institutions.

Making your Archiving Experience in Salesforce Seamless

Compliance Approved Archiving

You can meet data retention requirements for CCPA, FedRAMP, FDA, HIPPA, etc with no additional integration

Encryption At Rest

You can protect your archived data with additional layer of security with highest standard of encryption technology

100% Data Accessibility

You can have the full authority to purge or view your data right within Salesforce even after archiving

Meta Data Sync

You can archive your Salesforce finance data without losing the complex objects relationships, so that your data can survive a long-term retention state

Easy Archive Restoration

You can call back your archived data to Salesforce in one click of a button, that's how seamless it is for DataArchiva

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Check out how government organisations are leveraging the power of DataArchiva to achieve complex data management goals in Salesforce.


An enterprise-ready data archiving application for Salesforce that can archive your legacy data to any external storage platform & database or right at Salesforce BigObjects without losing data integrity.

Great App to Save on Data Storage Costs + Great Teamwork!

DataArchiva met our stringent & complex requirements by offering a secure data archiving solution. The team behind DataArchiva is resourceful & skilled. We highly recommend DataArchiva for any industry in which data a large amount of data must be retained. Our favorite part is that even though the App archived our data, it continues to be readily available at all times – no other data archiving App offers this level of functionality and ease of use.

-Amer Hyat Khan

Government Organization

DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
CEPTES has been a pure-play Salesforce platform-focused company since 2010. We are product magicians as well as Salesforce consulting whizzes with 1000+ customers across the world. DataArchiva is CEPTES’s flagship application listed on AppExchange