Benefits Of Archiving Salesforce Data Using Heroku Cloud

Heroku is an excellent platform for running apps that integrate with Salesforce for a variety of use cases, one of which can also be data archiving. 

Of all the 150,000+ Salesforce customers, including most of the Fortune 500s, Heroku has been a vital linchpin for major data processing, handling, and sharing needs. If you are ‌using Heroku cloud ‌for its high deployment speed, team DataArchiva has good news for you.

This is especially for those who are still grappling for a chance to make peace with the standard data storage limits issued by Salesforce. An external cloud archiving option that can use your Heroku cloud to move-out old legacy data, while making more space to run your customer-facing applications in Salesforce. 

Salesforce-Heroku Cloud Integration Made Easy 

The most dreaded reason to avoid growing ‌‌data in Salesforce is the costly storage extensions. But, with Salesforce-Heroku integration, the scope to store more data gets practically limitless with archiving. Connecting Salesforce to Heroku and setting up an archiving task, every time can be tedious and time taking. 

Moreover, it can’t be done without a connector app like Heroku Connect, unless you have a custom-built integrator to work with. Even ‌custom-built apps need to be synched periodically with each Salesforce update. To make it a little easier, DataArchiva provides you with seamless connectivity when you are archiving Salesforce data using Heroku, ‌without Heroku Connect or other integration apps

Hence, this archiving application, aka DataArchiva, comes with zero maintenance charges, and here is ‌how – 

Zero Connector Costs: No additional charges for connector subscriptions. Combine your Salesforce with Heroku Cloud for archiving data, without Heroku Connect or any third-party integrator application, only with DataArchiva.

Zero Additional Data Storage Costs: Avoid paying additional data storage charges in Salesforce. Configure your setting to archive your less-queried Salesforce data within your MSSQL, MySQL & Postgres databases using DataArchiva. 

Zero Additional Data Security Charges: Deploy AES 256 encryption on your Salesforce data archives with DataArchiva through its encryption feature and also get 100% control over your data view & access. 

Optimize Archiving Efficiency in Salesforce With DataArchiva

Optimize Archiving Efficiency In Salesforce With DataArchiva

Further, DataArchiva also provides you with the ability to optimize your Salesforce ‌archiving efficiency in Salesforce with adept features without incurring additional data storage charges.

Here are some ways in which integrating Salesforce and Heroku using DataArchiva can help businesses to maximize archiving efficiency in Salesforce:

Archiving Data From Salesforce Using Heroku: By integrating Salesforce to Heroku with DataArchiva, businesses can easily archive data from Salesforce to an MSSQL, MySQL or Postgres database for long-term retention needs. This helps to free up ‌primary storage space in Salesforce and enables businesses to keep a historical record of customer data.

Creating Custom Archiving Solutions: With DataArchiva’s agile archiving features, businesses can build custom archiving tasks to meet their specific needs. For example, can schedule archival based on the retention time frame, and run different archiving tasks on the same data set to archive data based on specific criteria, such as data age or record type, right from DataArchiva. 

Streamlining Archiving Processes: By integrating Salesforce to your Heroku with DataArchiva you can get ‌seamless connectivity to safely move your data from the primary storage cloud. You can run multiple archives with DataArchiva in parallel with the processes, running live in Salesforce, without bringing down productivity. For example, businesses can set up triggers to automatically archive data based on certain criteria or schedule archiving processes to run at specific intervals with minimal manual interventions.

Running Analytics On Archived Data: Integrate popular analytical tools such as Tableau, and Power BI along with your Heroku cloud to get insightful business details & generate reports on both live & archived Salesforce data with DataArchiva. This can help businesses gain insights into customer behavior, trends, and patterns to improve customer engagement and sales.

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