Chronicles of DataArchiva: 5 Untold Tales of Strategic Data Management in Salesforce

On this 5th year of #DataArchiversary, brace yourself with these awe-inspiring use cases that highlight the remarkable outcomes achieved by organizations, harnessing the prowess of DataArchiva. Whether you’re a Salesforce administrator seeking innovative solutions or a business owner looking to optimize Salesforce data storage and compliance, these untold tales will leave you inspired and eager to unlock the next chapter of success in your CRM  journey.

Chapter 1: The Story of Tech Lead Sara Trembley of a Tier-II Logistics Company

Say Hello to Sara! A tech lead of a leading logistics company based in Toronto, responsible for driving continuous improvements to channel business via Salesforce. Riding the growth of transport logistics worldwide, it has made record sales in the past two months. The sales reps were deterred not to lose any information on the new leads and opportunities data storage reached its limit at a staggering 95%.

Salesforce Data Archiving for Logistics | DataArchiva

Sara learned that DataArchiva could archive their old sales records which are less frequently accessed data, thereby reducing the burden on their data storage space. To her delight, archiving Salesforce data with DataArchiva had a significant positive impact. The Salesforce platform became more responsive, queries executed faster, and overall system performance improved by 10x.

Chapter 2: A Backup Story From Consultant Architect Laurel Barb Of a Healthcare Insurance Provider

A decade-old health insurance provider, actively using Salesforce CRM to manage customer data, policies, and claims. As their business grew, the criticality of safeguarding their Salesforce data became increasingly apparent. The insurance firm appointed ‌‌Laurel, a consultant architect at Salesforce to address the challenges.

Salesforce Data Archiving for Health Insurance Provider | DataArchiva


Learning the concerns, Laurel first secured their Salesforce app with robust platform security measures and suggested the management in getting a backup solution, avoiding data loss due to unforeseen events. To streamline their disaster recovery process, they onboarded DataArchiva Backup. ‌‌The insurance firm can now swiftly restore their Salesforce data from the backups with DataArchiva, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Chapter 3: The Story of How This Legal Advisory Firm Impressed the Compliance Manager, Enzo

Compliance Manager, Enzo of this legal advisory firm is very strict about data security & compliance. It’s difficult to win his confidence when dealing with audit reports. ‌As it runs all its consulting operations through Salesforce Service Cloud, the company generates a volume of feed history data from the app. 

Salesforce Data Archiving for Legal Advisory Services | DataArchiva

CTO, Rob Terrance, was worried about the ever-increasing data and feared that they might run into a compliance risk in handling the complexity of the data. As a data management solution that can adhere to their regulatory requirements and protect their client’s sensitive information, the company implemented DataArchiva to archive their compliance data from Salesforce periodically. It not only eased the compliance processes for their Salesforce but has also reversed the data accessibility challenges with uninterrupted system performance.

Chapter 4: The Story of How Ada Reeves Resolved the Service Manager’s Woes 

As the service manager for the Salesforce application of a telecom company, Alex was responsible for overseeing a team of customer service representatives, ‌ dealing with response delays in the org, which is slowing down their service operations. Due to the data load, important service cases and customer interactions were buried under a mountain of historical data, making the CRM sluggish and affecting productivity. 

Salesforce Data Archiving for Telecom Industry| DataArchiva

Alex reported the Salesforce data storage challenges to Ada Reeves, the IT lead for the company. And, Ada provided Alex with the archiving support of DataArchiva. The Salesforce system regained its speed and responsiveness, allowing the service team to access customer data instantly.

Now, Ada can retire from taking complaints about Salesforce storage challenges for the next three years.

Chapter 5: The Story of On-Premise Archiving Complex Org Data for a Colossal IT Firm 

One of the formidable technological prowess, operating one of the largest Salesforce orgs in the world, is found to generate 3K-4K records every day. Over the years this High-Tech IT has amassed a staggering 8Tb of Salesforce data which eventually became a pressing challenge to maintain. 

Yet they were ambitious. Excited by the prospect of archiving the ‌massive data stores within their on-premise system from Salesforce, Innovatech embarked on a project to archive their massive 8 terabytes of Salesforce data with DataArchiva.

Salesforce Data Archiving for High Tech | On-Premise Systems| DataArchiva

Its IT team has seamlessly migrated and archived its colossal Salesforce data into its MS SQL database using DataArchiva within its own on-premise infrastructure, preserving the integrity and relationships of the data. As a reward, Innovatech is housing TBs of Salesforce data at their private data centers within their own facilities and maintained internally with 100%archive control.

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