An Elite Airline from the Gulf Powered Top-grade Data Archiving in Salesforce with DataArchiva

Customer Overview

The company from the gulf, which has a fleet of over 50 aircraft & a network of over 90 destinations is one of the fastest-growing airlines in the middle east. The company which started its operations over a decade back was one of the early adopters of Salesforce cloud and accelerating their success leveraging the power of the world's #1 CRM platform.

With its significantly growing business and future expansion plans, the company digital transformation leaders predicted a sheer growth of their data volume (12%-15% per annum) which required a future-ready cloud data management strategy in order to maintain their business agility, performance & help them control the data growth along with related costs. DataArchiva not only helped them archive their inactive data into the BigObjects at a native level for automated storage optimization but also powered them to go beyond archiving with complete control over their data with a staggering 5X ROI.

Planning for the Future

Most of the business enterprises who are using the Salesforce platform put a lot of focus on how they can leverage the platform’s magic to achieve sales, marketing, customer service excellence. By steering so they often snub the importance of data monitoring and how having an efficient data management strategy can enable them to achieve greater sales, marketing, and customer service results in Salesforce. However, the airline industry leader knew the role of data in shaping the future success of their business in a neatly connected digital world and not having a data strategy means missing out on crucial business opportunities. Keeping this in mind, they wanted to plan for the future and implement a powerful archiving strategy that will allow them to keep 100% data accessibility & stay within the Salesforce data storage limits.

Polishing up Data Archiving Strategy for Salesforce

As an initial plan, the company wanted to push all their data into a secondary database to optimize their data storage in Salesforce which will allow them to use the CRM to its full potential. They were looking to use BigObjects (Salesforce’s big data storage system) as their archived data location and found DataArchiva as the only available solution on AppExchange that offers native archiving capability. Along with archiving the data, they also aspired to ensure they never lose access to their archived data & keep complete ownership.

Streamlining Data Archive Process in Salesforce

The data archival project for Salesforce included a few critical goals such as maintaining complex object relationships even after archiving, archiving a specific set of Standard & Custom Objects along with their child records, making the entire archiving job automated so that it won’t require any manual intervention.

  • Data Volume to be Archived: Appx. 30 GB
  • Total no. of Objects to be Archived: 8 to 10
  • Standard Objects to be Archived: EmailMessage & Task (Including the child records)
  • Custom Objects to be Archived: Case Flights, Case Duplicates, Email Services, Passengers
  • Archiving Methodology: Using the Auto-scheduler (Weekly Data Export)

Strengthening Holistic Data Management: The Road Ahead

The customer was not only looking to archive data into the BigObjects. They also wanted to control the complete data archiving lifecycle including the ability to restore the archived records back to their primary Salesforce data storage along with its child records without impacting the record hierarchy or data integrity and also the ability to view the archived records right from their Salesforce page layout without impacting the user experience. They also wanted the archiving solution to ensure the metadata changes in the objects are captured properly to assure 100% efficiency of the archiving process.

Key Highlights of the Project
  • The customer wanted to leverage the power of big data (BigObjects) to archive their data from the Salesforce primary database.
  • They wanted the archiving process to be fully automated with weekly data export.
  • The key object relationships must be maintained even after archiving.
  • Records to be archived include both Standard & Custom Objects (EmailMessage, Task, Case Flights, Case Duplicates, Email Services, Passengers).
  • 100% data view & access within the Salesforce (not switching different screens)
  • Ability to restore archived data at any point in time along with its related child objects.

DataArchiva: The Salesforce Cloud Data Enabler

The customer was able to optimize their Salesforce data storage without any hassle and as a result, their Salesforce application performance shifted top-notch. They were able to use the cloud platform more efficiently which helped them enhance their productivity level. A well-managed storage system ensured they never hit the Salesforce data storage limits and reduced the need to purchase highly expensive additional storage space. Post-implementation, the customer was able to achieve a significant 5X ROI.

DataArchiva which is one of the leading ISVs on AppExchange enabled the customer to meet their data archiving goals on Salesforce. Our next-gen archiving platform not only archived all the major objects responsible for data growth automatically, it also offered them capabilities including archived data view, access, and restoration which guaranteed 100% data control.

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