DataArchiva Archives Salesforce Campaign Data For A US Manufacturer In Sizing Inter Continental Market

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DataArchiva Archives Salesforce Campaign Data For A US Manufacturer In Sizing Inter Continental Market

Clinging to the basics was never an objective, they wanted winning deals & better answers to drive customer engagement from running campaigns in Salesforce.

With true digitization efforts, this century-old manufacturer was writing success with Salesforce by closing record sales from their intercontinental campaigns. This became a critical source of information for the brand, on who could be their target audience & which geography to select when they run the next set of campaigns. But the event took on an expected meander.

As they were collecting large volumes of data as customer inquiries from multiple sales channels, it eventually congested the app’s primary data storage space. They observed that if they could periodically move the previous case data to another storage, they could still preserve the data without upgrading storage, within Salesforce permits. Instead, they can go into complete auto mode once they get their hands on a hassle-free solution to end their storage management woes.

And they found DataArchiva. A Salesforce-native application that not only helped to optimize data storage in Salesforce but helped to keep the unused data segregated, by moving the unused data to a cheaper archival space. But DataArchiva offers multiple levels of archiving for its Salesforce customers. Now, which archiving option did they choose for their Salesforce campaign data with DataArchiva?

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