Leading US Legal Service Provider Takes Complete Control Over Their Salesforce Data to Stay Compliant & Protected

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US Legal Firm Took Complete Control Over Their Salesforce Data with DataArchiva Backup Application

How often have you heard consumers encountering stern side effects & in some cases even getting into critical life risks after using a drug produced by manufacturers with toxic chemicals or defective processes? In such cases, consumers can demand compensation from the drug producers & this is where our customer, who is a leading US legal service firm, offers legal services in mass tort litigation lawsuits to help the victims get the highest compensation & help from the drug manufacturers.

The legal firm has its footprint in all the US states & has an omnipresence. In order to put their clients first & deliver faster service, they were running the entire business on the Salesforce platform. They also extended their platform adoption with a third-party AppExchange managed app to better control their processes & workflows while keeping a complete track of all the active & inactive legal cases.

Accelerating Customer Success with Complete Data Management

The customer was looking for a Salesforce data protection platform that can help them meet their complex data needs which includes staying compliant & protected.

A partnership with DataArchiva helped them address all their data complexities in a breeze. Our highly flexible platform not only ensured critical data protection & compliance but also allowed the customer to unlock the true potential of the Salesforce platform without bothering about data challenges.

  1. Every business should own their data, even the backup ones. With our backup & recovery solution, the customer was able to automatically back up their Salesforce data within their own AWS Cloud Infrastructure.
  2. No manual hassles, so that you can focus on their core business. DataArchive with its scheduler feature, sets the backup job on a daily basis. No back-and-forth. The customer was able to focus on their core business rather than thinking about the backup activity.
  3. Seamless business continuity with an ability to restore data at any point in time. With the faster & reliable restore engine, DataArchiva ensured the customer obtained complete control over their business data to ensure smooth business continuity even during downtime or accidental data loss.
  4. Running a business by staying compliant. The customer was able to meet the compliance needs by automatically retaining their Salesforce data for a period of 7 years adhering to certain data policies.
  5. Monitoring changes in the data. With DataArchiva’s backup version comparison capability, the customer was able to monitor the periodic changes in their business data & maintained all their data effectively.
  6. Uninterrupted data accessibility, round the clock. As the backup data is available in a CSV file format, the customer has got the complete possession of their critical business data, even without Salesforce.

A data model which is transparent, protected, compliant & most importantly trusted.

DataArchiva gave the power to the customer to experience a Salesforce data system that is highly transparent, protected, compliant & trusted. With our archiving solution, they also addressed the org storage & performance issues along with data protection & compliance. Leveraging our comprehensive data management platform, the customer was able to accelerate their business growth without worrying about their data management needs.

Please ask us anything about Salesforce data management or just discuss your unique use case. Our highly skilled data management experts are standing by, ready to help.

DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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