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Top French Luxury Brand Takes Complete Control Over Their Salesforce Data with Native Archiving

Customer Overview

The customer is a highly renowned French luxury brand specializing in skincare, cosmetics, & perfume. Famed for promoting sustainable & responsible beauty, our client is a trusted family-owned beauty company that combines an entrepreneurial spirit, agility, and curiosity. With equal focus on beauty & nature, our client offers distinctive high-quality products for face & body care, makeup, men’s essential care, luxury cosmetics, and maternity care. They also offer relaxing spa services for their customers.

Where Did Our Client’s Troubles Start

Why Use Salesforce

Our client was extensively using the Salesforce CRM to manage its end-to-end business operations like dealing, communicating, and engaging with a huge number of customers daily. All of these processes generated a significant amount of Salesforce data.

Our Data is Bringing Us Down

With time, as the Salesforce data piled up in the primary data storage, our client realized that the redundant data on their Customer Object was leading to challenges like downgraded CRM performance. As a result of this slow CRM performance, other issues like long waiting time, slower operations like search & reporting also cropped up. 

Please Don’t Impact Our Processes

In addition to slow application performance, the complex business processes that were running around different custom objects were another major challenge for our client since they didn’t want to impact any of those processes while archiving the data.

Maybe Additional Storage is the Solution

Troubled with all these challenges, the client was thinking about purchasing additional data storage space from Salesforce because they thought it would solve their problems. But considering their requirements & storage usage, even that option seemed far-fetched because of the hefty, recurrent costs associated with it.

  • Improvement of the CRM’s Performance by 5 times
  • 5X Faster Deployment in the Client’s Salesforce Ecosystem
  • 10X Instant Boost in the Client’s Return on Investment (ROI) with Significant Data Storage Costs Savings
  • Better User Experience for Everyone

How was DataArchiva Helpful

High Powered Enterprise Data Archiving Solution

With DataArchiva, the client periodically archived all its historical, rarely-used data in the Customer Objects (approximately 40 GB) at a native level into the Big Objects ensuring the highest levels of security and without losing the data integrity. 

Some Benefits of DataArchiva

DataArchiva worked around all the business triggers and helped the client build an index field on the Custom Object. This in turn helped them boost their application’s performance and efficiently address their Salesforce data management challenges.

Business Processes Left Untouched

With the efficient use of DataArchiva, the leading luxury brand easily optimized its day-to-day business operations in the Salesforce CRM as well as brought down its data storage costs by over 90%.

No Need to Pay Hefty Price for Storage

After archiving nearly all of their redundant Salesforce data through the efficient use of DataArchiva, our client didn’t feel the need to purchase the additional storage space anymore. In this manner, they dodged spending a huge chunk of their budget as this recurrent cost.

Please ask us anything about Salesforce data management or just discuss your unique use case. DataArchiva’s highly skilled data management experts are standing by, ready to help.


DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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