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World’s #1 Travel Tech Company Ensures Seamless Salesforce Data Management & Boosts Service Capabilities

Customer Overview

Whether it’s work-related or for pleasure, everyone loves to travel. While traveling exposes the individual to new & unique experiences, the companies that work in the background to make their escapade seamless are exposed to massive volumes of data & information. Though this hassle has subsided to an extent with the advent of CRM platforms like Salesforce.

Our customer, who is the world’s #1 travel technology company is celebrated for helping nearly a billion people each year in improving their travel experience. They build critical solutions that help airlines and airports, hotels and railways, search engines, travel agencies, & tour operations in powering better, more rewarding journeys. Committed to making the future of travel even better, our client is leading the industry forward with vision & innovation.

Roadblocks to Salesforce Data Management

Massive Data Growth from Service Cloud

Our client was making extensive use of the Salesforce Service Cloud to handle their customer service & support. After multiple years of use, their case object had grown exponentially resulting in high Salesforce data growth reaching about 20GB in no time & still growing at a rapid speed.

A Great Blow to the Service Experience

Owing to such massive data generation, the application’s performance started deteriorating because of which the service agents began facing challenges in using the application and performing day-to-day activities like data search & report generation.

Looming Fear of Hefty Investment

Because of such rapid data growth in the Org, our client was faced with the imminent need to purchase additional data storage space from Salesforce which meant a hefty & recurrent investment had to be made.

Security Concerns About the Customer Data

As they held critical, sensitive information about their customers, our client was also worried about the security of their data. Moreover, they were also facing challenges related to governance and data integrity in Salesforce.

Some Highlights
  • Time to deploy – 4 weeks (customizations, implementation, initial data offload, migration)
  • Storage cost savings – 86%
  • Storage usage dropped down from 98% to 30% within a few weeks of deployment
  • 2X improved app performance as well as service agent productivity
  • Better data visibility & access
  • Improved data governance
  • 100% archived data security as the data never went out of the Salesforce ecosystem
  • On-demand restoration of the archived data

How DataArchiva Came Through

Timely Implementation of DataArchiva

After quickly implementing DataArchiva in their system, our client started archiving the old service cases into the Big Objects without losing the data integrity. As the data never left the Salesforce ecosystem, they were guaranteed the highest levels of data security.

High-speed, Efficient Data Archival Engine

DataArchiva’s highly efficient archive engine seamlessly archived around 20 GB of historical Salesforce data within a short span of time, without any impact on the ongoing business processes.

Improved Service Agent Capabilities

With the historical Salesforce data out of the way, not only did the application’s performance improve significantly, but the data accessibility also became easier. This directly resulted in the overall enhancement of the client’s service capability.

Improved Data Governance

By facilitating secure legacy Salesforce data archiving into the Big Objects (at a native level) without losing data integrity, DataArchiva helped our client address their data governance challenges by providing them with seamless data access.

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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

For more info, please get in touch with us  contact@dataarchiva.com