Compliance Playbook: Salesforce Archive & Backup for India’s Data Protection Act ‘DPDP’ with DataArchiva

Are you a pivotal decision-maker, such as a Salesforce Platform Manager or a Technical Architect overseeing your company’s Salesforce operations? Then you must know why it’s critical to prioritize adherence to Data Protection and Privacy (DPDP) regulations. This becomes particularly vital when engaging third-party services for personal data processing and disposal, or when utilizing multiple data storage sources or operating systems for Salesforce data archiving and backup & recovery for Salesforce.

This compliance playbook on DPDP Act India will help businesses uncover deficiencies and patch up the loopholes to upkeep the data governance plans to keep compliance checked for Salesforce data. Submit your details to get a copy of this comprehensive hand-out and identify how DPDP Act India is different from GDPR Compliance.

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