How DataArchiva Is Transforming Salesforce Data Archiving By Leveraging External Cloud Platforms

If you are a Salesforce customer who is dealing with unprecedented data growth, there can be several reasons why you might need to connect it to an external cloud. 

Your external cloud can be anything from your AWS, Heroku, Azure to Google Cloud Platform which can be put to use to run archiving jobs for Salesforce.

Archiving because, when you pile up on old data that you would rather like to store than delete, it can ‌ be selectively moved to a long-term yet retrievable storage system. It saves up your primary storage space to run processes on your production org, glitch-free. Also, an excellent option for those who want to save some serious dollars on the additional data storage charges in Salesforce.

Connecting Salesforce to an external cloud platform and then setting up an archiving process can be time taking and tedious. Plus, the connectors for third-party cloud integrations are costly add-ons. With DataArchiva you can do it better. Advantages are counted below ⬇️

DataArchiva is transform Salesforce data archiving by leveraging external cloud platforms

  1. Zero Additional Connector Costs: Once you install DataArchiva to your Salesforce system you can connect with any third-party cloud platform without a Salesforce Connector or Integrator.
  2. Seamless Connectivity: Once ‌ installed, configured, connected, and set, DataArchiva ensures ‌ untethered connectivity to deploy AWS, Azure, Heroku, or GCP cloud with your Salesforce cloud.
  3. Archives To Most Databases Of Choice: If its MSSQL, MySQL, or Postgres, you can bring your own database to archive your Salesforce data.
  4. No Salesforce Governance Limits: When you use your third-party cloud as an external archiving engine, bulk data offloading of your Salesforce records is off-limits.
  5. Get The Fastest Initial Offloading Speed: Compared to the other archiving applications available on Salesforce, DataArchiva has been tested to have the fastest initial data offloading speed. (10M-14M Records/Day)
  6. Supports Archiving For All Salesforce Apps: Be it Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or other industrial clouds in Salesforce, it provides composite archiving support for all.
  7. Promises 10x ROI: DataArchiva helps you ‌periodically move your data from active Salesforce storage to an archive, making space for new data while keeping the storage space optimized. Hence, bails its users from renewing their data storage subscription and assures a better customer experience with improved Salesforce app performance.
  8. 5x Faster Deployment: Integrating external cloud to Salesforce which would otherwise be a time-consuming procedure, with DataArchiva you can get fast-handled cloud deployment, making integrations faster, easier & seamless.
  9. Top-Notch Data Security: When you externally archive your Salesforce data with DataArchiva, it gets zero platform exposure, maintaining the privacy of your data even when you archive. Plus, your Salesforce data gets the most advanced AES 256 encryption with complete access control and visibility, when it gets archived.
  10. Maintains Data integrity: It’s built to maintain complex object relationships in your Salesforce data. Therefore with DataArchiva, you can archive Salesforce data without moving the cheese.
  11. Ensures 100% Data Control: The app uses your cloud to archive Salesforce data to your database so that its users can have complete control over the archives.
  12. Meets Data Compliance Needs: With DataArchiva you can choose how you want to archive. You can schedule the archival as per your retention needs or run multiple archiving processes on the same data set as your compliance or audit demands.
  13. Better BI Reporting: DataArchiva allows live reporting on both the live & archived data and you can use any advanced BI analytics to run reports in Salesforce.
  14. 100% View & Access Control: DataArchiva encrypts your Salesforce data at archives, therefore until you have the view & access permissions, you won’t be able to read the data.
  15. Easy Archival Restoration: With DataArchiva Archival Restoration is just a click of a button and you can bring the stored data back into the service instance of Salesforce at any time.

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