How Salesforce Customers Can Leverage AWS for Data Archival & Backup

Have you ever wondered how combining the power of Salesforce with AWS can revolutionize your data archiving and backup strategies? If not, then we certainly have many topics to discuss.

Being a part of the Salesforce ecosystem for 14+ years, we have found that 80% of our customers are using AWS for their daily operations and are yet to explore the benefits of the Salesforce-AWS synergy for their backup & archive operations.

AWS’s unparalleled dominance in the Salesforce ecosystem is backed by a 38% market share in the infrastructure-as-a-service sector. Further, AWS’s reliability, cost-effectiveness, and scalability help to distribute the weighing burden of Salesforce storage cost & maintenance, presenting businesses with an assured agility in data management. Hence, choosing AWS for your Salesforce backup and archives is not just a decision—it can be your strategic advantage!

Let’s join the ranks of industry leaders who trust AWS to power their Salesforce data management journey in this blog. 

The Power of AWS for Salesforce 

Leveraging the formidable capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS), businesses can unlock unprecedented potential within their Salesforce ecosystems. The benefits of Salesforce-AWS integration empower organizations to scale with agility, harness advanced analytics, and fortify data security, driving transformative outcomes and competitive advantages. This has been proven over multiple use cases to the realm of reliability, where Salesforce finds resorts on the AWS cloud infrastructure. 

Even Salesforce uses AWS to boost its platform capabilities, such as data hosting for Einstein products, email integration with Einstein Activity Capture, and infrastructure management for Heroku. AWS’s services like Amazon Connect in Service Cloud Voice and AWS GovCloud in Government Cloud Plus ensure advanced telephony features and high-level compliance. 

Despite these advantages, businesses find Salesforce-AWS integration to be challenging. Even though it varies across industries, we identified some common integration challenges to resolve the complexity of Salesforce archive & backup using the AWS bridge. 

Salesforce- AWS Integration Bottlenecks 

Pain points where many decision-makers struggle to make a move with Salesforce-AWS integration to streamline their data management strategy involve – 

Technical complexities: Complex technical configurations and potential data migration challenges from Salesforce to AWS, hinder seamless adoption.

Additional Connector Cost: Depending on the tools and services used, such as MuleSoft or third-party solutions. Pricing typically includes subscription fees, usage-based costs, and potential implementation expenses. 

Security Concerns: Navigating security and compliance requirements across two major platforms, raising concerns about data integrity and privacy in Salesforce and AWS environments. 

Training Investments: Significant investment in training and upskilling teams for efficient Salesforce-AWS systems, impacting time-to-market and ROI considerations.

Customization Trade-offs: Potential limitations in customization and flexibility compared to standalone Salesforce or AWS solution, requiring careful assessment of trade-offs and strategic alignment with business objectives.

Want to learn more about integrating external platforms like AWS to Salesforce? Watch us explain in this on-demand webinar

Again if you are looking for tools to connect the two powerhouses aka Salesforce & AWS, it’s time to take control and make your admin’s job easier by setting up DataArchiva for your Salesforce.

DataArchiva: Archival & Backup Applications for Salesforce that Accelerate AWS Utilization 

DataArchiva is a comprehensive suite of archive & backup applications for Salesforce built to help joint customers of Salesforce and AWS achieve their ultimate data management goals to archive and backup their CRM data. DataArchiva isn’t just another Salesforce data management tool; it has been a game-changer for many businesses including Fortune 500 companies to ease the data load in Salesforce in the most simple ways.

Streamline Salesforce Data Archival & Backup With AWS | DataArchiva

Archiving Salesforce Data Leveraging AWS Platform Without Extra Connector Costs

One of the standout features of DataArchiva’s archiving application for Salesforce is its ability to archive data without external connectors, saving businesses significant costs. Traditional data archiving solutions often require additional middleware or third-party connectors, increasing expenses and complexity. DataArchiva eliminates this need for external connectors to leverage the AWS platform for Salesforce, making the archiving process more straightforward and cost-effective.

By leveraging DataArchiva, integration of Salesforce-AWS streamlines the data archiving process, allowing efficient transfer of large volumes of data to enterprise-managed databases like SQL, MySQL & Postgres. This results in faster data transfers, immediate performance improvements, and significant cost savings of up to 80% on additional data storage in Salesforce. Moreover, this approach ensures DataArchiva users with better compliance, and maximized ROI, keeping Salesforce data archival easy & cost-effective.

To understand how the application is helping customers achieve archiving success, read this success story about how this global pharma leader leverages AWS to cut Salesforce data archival costs using DataArchiva. 

Backup Your Salesforce Data with AWS Using DataArchiva

In addition to archiving, DataArchiva’s backup application for Salesforce can also leverage AWS to back up Salesforce data, metadata & files. Backing up using DataArchiva offers seamless connectivity with your AWS platform without external dependencies, to securely backup Salesforce data to prevent data loss. 

Furthermore, the Salesforce-AWS integration with DataArchiva guarantees seamless and accurate data recoveries, custom choices, and fast response times. With 100% accessible and discoverable backups within your owned storage, users can benefit from enhanced data management and significant cost savings, making DataArchiva ideal for Salesforce data backup & protection.

To understand how the application is helping customers achieve Salesforce backups & protection, read this success story about how this global e-commerce aggregator chooses DataArchiva to leverage their AWS cloud and gain 100% ownership of their backup data. 

Key DataArchiva Features to Connect Salesforce-AWS for Data Management

Businesses who want to streamline Salesforce data archival and backup processes by leveraging AWS cloud can utilize DataArchiva for the following reasons :

DataArchiva Archival & Backup Applications for Salesforce to Accelerate AWS Utilization

1) Resorts Pre-Built Connectors – Eliminates the need to purchase additional connectors like Heroku, Mulesoft & others to integrate AWS-Salesforce reducing third-party dependencies, maintenance costs, and external platform exposure

2) Simplified Integration Wizard: A user-friendly interface for AWS cloud integration, even for users without technical expertise.

3) 100% Ownership & Control: Leverage your own AWS platform & your storage to manage, access, and govern their Salesforce data on AWS without third-party dependencies

4) Processing Speed Advantage:  Enjoy accelerated data migration speeds, effortlessly transferring data from Salesforce to AWS while minimizing manual tasks and potential errors.

5) Effective Cost Control: Archive data or keep backup files from Salesforce without paying extra storage charges ensuring efficient utilization of resources

6) Advanced Security Control: Incorporate advanced security measures with DataArchiva such as data encryption, access controls, and compliance monitoring to ensure data security across the integrated system.

7) Real-time Process Alerts: Provide real-time monitoring capabilities and alerts for Salesforce-AWS integration, enabling proactive identification and resolution of issues to minimize downtime.

8) Customizable Automation Rules: Allow users to set customizable rules to schedule archival or backups with AWS, catering to specific business needs and consistent data management practices

9) Reporting & Analytics: Provides insights into data usage, storage trends, and compliance status, empowering informed decision-making and audit readiness.

10) Performance Optimization: Easy AWS integration to enhance overall system performance, storage bottlenecks, and archive or backup optimization challenges


Including DataArchiva to integrate Salesforce-AWS for archiving & backup is a strategic move that enhances your data management capabilities. With cost-effective archiving, secure backups, and seamless integration, DataArchiva empowers businesses to manage Salesforce data without additional cost or sacrificing compliance. Here’s what our customers have to say about DataArchiva.

Data Storage app improves ROI on your SF Investment

“DataArchiva is a fantastic application to archive data to external storage with ready access to the archived data in Salesforce. It will help you save and ensure you’re maximizing your investment and ROI in Salesforce while also maintaining any compliance requirements you may have. I highly recommend taking a look.”

– Scott Sherby

Watch DataArchiva in action in this demo video and discover how it can transform your Salesforce data archiving and backup journey with AWS.

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