Archive Salesforce Data with the #1 Data Management Platform

Optimize Salesforce Data Storage, Performance & Compliance with Enterprise Data Archiving

Is your Salesforce org becoming heavy with a lot of data? Is the growing data volume impacting your storage, app performance & regulatory compliance needs? Archive all your old or inactive data from Salesforce primary data storage to any secondary external storage in real-time using the best Salesforce data management platform.


  • Choose your own secondary storage: Native (BigObjects), External (AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP, On-premise)
  • Historical & compliance data archive within the Salesforce¬†
  • Archive Options: Auto-scheduler, Manual, Retention Policy-based
  • Maintain complex object relationships & any level of hierarchy


  • Complete archived data access & view within the Salesforce
  • Protect archived data with encryption
  • Seamless archived data restoration at a record-level
  • Zero data exposure to our data archiving platform


  • Choose your own data retention period
  • Automate regulatory compliance
  • Meet any data retention policies (CCPA, FedRAMP, FDA, HIPPA, etc.)
  • GDPR compliant

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Amazing product & team
I have worked with the DataArchiva team to implement this product to alleviate our platforms increasing storage limits. My stakeholders love that they can see their data easily. Everything is visible & accessible, without their 'cheese' being moved. I was fortunate to be engaged with so many great employees of DataArchiva. From support, technical, sales, marketing; they are very responsive and kind.
Lisa Berry
Travel & Hospitality Company
Looking to archive your Salesforce data in order to better optimize data growth, performance & compliance? Look to these case studies

Accelerating Customer Success with
Complete Data Management

Powerful Reporting

Bring any external BI tool (e.g Tableau) to generate highly customized & powerful reports by connecting both live & archived data

Large Data Migration

Migrate a large volume of data from Salesforce to your secondary storage automatically without any manual hassle

Enhanced User Experience

No Salesforce governance limitations, support any type of data in Salesforce, lightning-fast archiving, highly scalable

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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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