TIME: 10:30 AM EST
Duration: 30mins

Session Description

  • Are your customers' orgs growing in size?
  • Are they wondering what could be the best option to archive their data into Big Objects?
  • Are they looking to retain their compliance data while using familiar Lightning Platform features while staying on the Lightning Platform?
  • Is the unproportionate data growth affecting their application performance?

You are in luck. Join this webinar to learn the next-gen Salesforce data archiving using the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution called 'DataArchiva' powered by Salesforce Big Objects to optimize performance and minimize cost.

Key Takeaways

  • Salesforce data growth woes
  • Big Objects – The Savior
  • DataArchiva – The Enabler
  • DataArchiva – Use Cases



Harish Kumar Poolakade

Co-Founder & Chief Architect, DataArchiva

Nanda Kumar

Nanda Kumar

Chief Technology Officer, DataArchiva

Sandeep Kumar Chettry

Customer Success Manager, DataArchiva

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