Best Strategies to Overcome The Impact of Field Audit Trail (FAT) Changes in Spring ’19

As per the Spring ‘19 release of Salesforce, any Field History Data that is older than 24 months will be scheduled for permanent removal from the system. This came in stark comparison to their Winter ‘18 release where they assured to retain Field History Data up to 18 months through org & up to 24 months via API. In order to make Salesforce users comfortable with these new changes, this on-demand webinar discusses the current challenges in Field Audit Trail retention beyond 18 months and how to effectively manage the field audit data. It also highlights the best possible solutions to overcome these issues while ensuring complete data integrity and adherence to compliance & regulatory guidelines.

Key Takeaways

  • Why do you need to consider the FAT changes in the Salesforce Spring ‘19 release?
  • What options are available to Salesforce users?
  • A quick overview of FAT Add-On
  • How is DataArchiva helpful in this situation: A prompt demo

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