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Businesses generate a lot of data and often it becomes tough for them to manage the unproportionate data growth and subsequently resulting in high data space consumption. As Salesforce’s additional data storage cost is relatively high, enterprises often look for alternative approaches where they can take care of their historical Salesforce data without deleting it.

This is where DataArchiva comes into the picture by efficiently addressing the challenges and helping organizations archive their historical or less used Salesforce data (e.g. old emails, contacts, cases, leads, etc.) by storing it securely at a native level in Salesforce’s big data based storage system called ‘Big Objects’ without compromising data integrity with seamless access.

But the topic here is why top enterprises are choosing DataArchiva amid many similar solutions for their Salesforce data archival needs? What makes DataArchiva the best available solution? Is it the cost-effectiveness or the native capabilities which make archived data secure? There are actually various reasons why enterprises from multiple industries and sizes are embracing DataArchiva. More than its benefits such as high storage cost savings (80% and more), enhanced application performance, compliance support, GDPR compliant, 100% native to Salesforce, US Gov Cloud ready, etc., it’s the features of the solution those make DataArchiva the first choice data archiving solution for Salesforce. A few of the notable features are;

  • Auto archiving (Schedule & Forget)
  • Encryption at rest
  • Data purging
  • Data integrity
  • Auto metadata sync
  • File/attachment support
  • Bulk archive and restore option
  • Integration capabilities
  • Optional external storage support (any cloud or on-premise storage system)

In our upcoming webinar, we are going to talk about the key features and how the solution is helping enterprises make their historical data archiving process seamless. With a few of our customer use cases, we will discuss how DataArchiva helped them address their Salesforce data storage challenges along with saving significant costs. Don’t miss out this action pack session.


Mr. Nandakumar – Chief Technology Officer, DataArchiva

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Chettry – Customer Success Manager, DataArchiva


Webinar Details

Date:  9th April, 2019

Time: 10AM EST

Duration: 30 mins


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