A Laudable Scoop From DataArchiva at Salesforce World Tour Sydney

We know that all of you are waiting with eager ears and bright eyes to learn more about our experience and how it all went for DataArchiva at the Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023. So let’s not keep you waiting before the excitement goes abating!

The ANZ Partner Kickoff Session

It all started on the day before the big day and we made an entry as team DataArchiva, the platinum sponsors, at Hilton Sydney for the ANZ partner kickoff session. Well, the venue for the Salesforce World Tour was in ICC Sydney, so after a brief session and selfies with the partners we headed towards downtown Sydney. 

Downtown Sydney nears the Central Business District that beholds a stupefying enigma of corporate crowds. The concrete heights make the perfect skyline, outlined by mixes of high-rise office buildings layered with tall sassy shopping malls with old museums perfectly cutting out the hype with a traditional vibe. As we walked by downtown, we consciously moved with a proud mind that we could bring DataArchiva to Sydney.

The ANZ Partner Kickoff Session

Visiting The Pre-event Venue

It’s difficult to ignore the glaring reflectors of the bounty convention, right in the mid-street and certainly, it was the ICC (International Convention Centre) Sydney. The grandeur of ICC was an eye-catcher and we couldn’t have expected anything less, after all, it’s the biggest APAC fest for Salesforce.

The pre-event venue for the World Tour Sydney was all ready to take off. The annular banner of Salesforce Customer 360 marked the hub for the entire convention, displaying a suite of Salesforce software products on standees. The circum-area radiated to the campground breakout C & D where we had our DataArchiva booth. The preparation was a smooth ride and we; Harish Kumar, CEO, DataArchiva, Sambit Samanta (Principal Consultant, DataArchiva), Barun Kumar (AVP, DataArchiva) & Ratish Kumar (AVP, DataArchiva), took a stroll to Partner Theatre 1, where we were about to drive our Customer Success Session.

After a close scrutiny of the campground venues, we called it a day. 

Finally, The D-Day 

The day started with a rejuvenating Sydney sunshine, we dawned our red-tee calling ‘DataArchiva’ and anchored at our booth. Our booth was the first in the Platinum Sponsors row and co-located with the coffee cart giving us an added advantage to draw the crowd to our booth. Soon after 8:00 AM AEDT, the crowd thickened with curious trailblazers moving around the booth. Being the most advanced archive & backup applications for Salesforce on show, DataArchiva soon becomes the talk of the event.

Customer Success Session

The rush at the DataArchiva booth almost made us forget that we have to run a Customer Success Session in half an hour and it was already 9 AM on the clock. But we made it. Ratish & Barun headed the session and we had a full house as the trailblazer gathered at Partner Theatre 1. The session was a success.

Pouring inquiries lasted till the keynote session broke. They had Reigan Derry (Australian, Singer) to kick off the keynote and her performance was phenomenal. The energy lingered throughout the session as Pip (Pip Marlow, CEO & EVP, ANZ, and ASEAN) took over the keynote. We cherished the delight and waited for the post-lunch activities over community & networking.

Event Day | DataArchiva | Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023

The DemoJam

We are almost calling it a close as it was already 4:15 PM AEDT but trailblazers kept visiting our DataArchiva booth to witness the magic of next-generation data management in Salesforce. At last, we were at dice taking DataArchiva to the DemoJam at Salesforce World Tour Sydney. Harish & Sambit was phenomenal, but we fought over our hard luck and missed the winning prize for a few votes. This is to note, that we do not regret a bit, we had an amazing trailblazing experience at the World Tour Sydney, and presenting DataArchiva to Sydneysiders was a success!

Thank You!

The event was bliss. Thanks to Salesforce to choose DataArchiva for the platinum sponsor of the event and giving a complete playground to earn, inspire, connect & give back to the beloved trailblazer community. Most hearty thanks to the trailblazers who stopped by the DataArchiva booth and made it brighter at the Salesforce World Tour Sydney. And, like you we are much surprised by how much you can get done in one day, it was a true blue event. Thanks for making it possible.

Goodbye Sydney, see you at the next Salesforce World Tour 2024. 

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