Celebrate your Thanksgiving with Data Backup & Recovery Solution for Salesforce

We have a lot to celebrate right now! All the wonderful winter holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year & many more.

Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday celebrated every year. It is observed on the fourth Thursday of November which corresponds to 25th November this year.

This federal holiday is often full of pomp and color and is a great time to exchange gifts with loved ones and share beautiful Thanksgiving messages. Celebrate your success this holiday season by rewarding your hard-working employees & loyal customers.

The festival is also synonymous with the special Thanksgiving meal which includes the traditional fare of turkey, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. The popular Thanksgiving Day parade organized by Macy’s department store in New York typically features marching bands, performers, and elaborate floats.

Cherish the Memories (Backup & Recovery Solution)

Since Thanksgiving only comes once a year, make it special by cherishing every moment.

Similarly, Cherish your data with a tool like  DataArchiva Backup which offers comprehensive Salesforce data backup and recovery solutions. DataArchiva Backup protects against all forms of data loss, including data corruption and data migration rollback.

Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform trusted by thousands of users ranging from SMEs to big enterprises. At the enterprise level, Salesforce data management is one of the major business operations. Salesforce data is intricate & challenging. Managing data efficiently in Salesforce is possible, but to achieve this, enterprises need tools and expertise designed to scale.

That’s why the world’s #1 CRM platform Salesforce customers choose DataArchiva Backup to protect their critical business data with regular backup & reliable recovery. With DataArchiva Backup, you can take full control of your business data, eliminate risks, and accelerate digital transformation with confidence.

DataArchiva Backup is a simple data backup and recovery application listed on AppExchange that is custom-designed to support Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other tailor-made Salesforce solutions. With DataArchiva Backup’s full and incremental backup services, enterprises can overcome their data loss challenges. This not only safeguards the data but also ensures that it is highly secured within the cloud infrastructure.

Equipped with a long-term data management strategy, this solution is highly scalable and comes with a seamless restoration option. Some of the features of this cost-effective and easy-to-use solution are as follows:

  • Prevent Critical Business Data – With DataArchiva Backup’s highly reliable functionalities, on one hand, customers can safeguard their data and on the other hand ensure it is highly secured within their cloud infrastructure. (AWS S3)
  • Tide Over your Data Loss Trepidations – Protect and secure your critical business data records with DataArchiva Backup to get over the fear of losing the data, whether through some human or application error.
  • Scheduled/On-Demand Backup– Users can either periodically schedule their backup operation (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly) or plan a manual backup (On-demand) operation whenever required.
  • Full and Incremental BackupDataArchiva Backup supports backup activity for both the complete data as well the incremental data in the Salesforce Org to help you meet the data backup goals. Multiple object backups are also supported.
  • Easy Accessibility– In addition to backup, DataArchiva Backup also facilitates fast and reliable restoration of backed-up data easily from a specific point in time. Also, the backup data will be readily available for anytime access.

DataArchiva Backup takes the end-to-end data management capabilities of the Salesforce data to an entirely new level. To know more about the application, feel free to reach out to Salesforce data experts today. Get the app on the AppExchange.

To know more about the product capabilities, please check out the datasheet.

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DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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