Dreamforce 2022 Highlights

Dreamforce 2022 is done and dusted! Years-long excitement, months-long preparations, hours-long traveling…Dreamforce 2022 is worth each effort! How did you attend Dreamforce this year? Did you make it to San Francisco or attend on Salesforce+? Either way, how was your experience with Salesforce’s 20th flagship conference? 

For us, it was momentous! Being a sponsor of Dreamforce 2022, we hosted innumerable Trailblazers at our booth and knocked them out by unveiling our comprehensive Data Management Suite of products for Salesforce. Plus, the largest tech summit turned out to be a mind-blowing time for us to reunite with the Ohana and learn from this innovative community. 

Now, what are the major takeaways from the three-day-long conference? What innovations do you find impressive and futuristic? Shall we discuss? In this article, we will look into the top five highlights from Dreamforce 2022 that are out of the box!

  • Salesforce Genie

Undoubtedly, Salesforce Genie is one of the major innovations born at Dreamforce 2022. Best defined as the real-time platform for customer magic, Genie makes it easy for businesses to sense all their data from any system, channel, or data stream. It smartly integrates data from each step of the customer journey into a unified customer profile record which builds a high level of personalization to the profile. Salesforce Genie supports marketing, sales, service, commerce, Tableau data analytics, the Mulesoft integration platform, and more. 

  • Slack Canvases & Huddles Coworking

Slack canvas is an advanced surface where team members can create, organize, and share critical insights. When paired with the new Slack Platform and Salesforce Customer 360, canvas enables real-time collaboration, assisting teams in garnering the data from out of employees’ systems of record and automating business processes. 

Slack Huddles, on the other hand, is an audio-first way to communicate inside a Slack channel or DM. Huddles Coworking allows you to jump into quick, informal conversations with options including video and multiple screen share, pop-out windows, reactions, chat-in-the-thread, and post-huddle threads.

  • Net Zero Cloud (+ Marketplace)

This was significant! Salesforce confidently turned the phrase “it’s a new day for the environment” into action at Dreamforce 2022. With Net Zero Cloud, which is a salesforce product for meeting organizations’ sustainability goals, managing sustainability data, automating supplier emissions tracking, and forecasting and reducing risks made easy. When it comes to Net Zero Cloud Marketplace, powered by the Commerce Cloud, the product will connect the buyers and ecopreneurs, delivering a catalog of projects while ensuring a streamlined, never-like-before experience on purchasing. 

  • The Enlarging Trailblazer Community 

As Salesforce announced, there are 17 million Trailblazers globally. This includes “DataFam” (Tableau enthusiasts), “Muleys” (Mulesoft enthusiasts), and “Slack Stars.” Plus there are 2100 community groups across 100 countries. This marks a significant growth when compared to the 2019 statistics. And, this contributed to the growth of popularity in Trailhead. The surprising factor is over 57 million badges have been earned on Trailhead!

  • The Growth of Nonprofit Customers 

It’s impressive that Salesforce offers nonprofit organizations many licenses in order to bolster their mission. During the Covid-19 pandemic and followed global events, nonprofit organizations did amazing things using Salesforce. And the good news is that 50k+ nonprofits are running on the Salesforce platform. A big round of applause!!

A Surreal, Fantabulous Experience that’s Incomparable 

Now you learned the key highlights from the much-awaited tech summit. Though Dreamforce 2022 ended a few days ago, we’re still into it. We’re Still processing the mind-blowing experience that Salesforce has unleashed deep within our hearts! We explored the conference and utilized its potential to its fullest. Plus, we’ve witnessed how innovation meets inspiration!

We thank each and every one for visiting us at our booth and exploring the futuristic capabilities of our Data Management Suite of products (DMS) for Salesforce. Your overpowering response made us once again feel like there’s nothing like Dreamforce to chart our way forward.

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