How DataArchiva Ensures Top-notch Security While Archiving Salesforce Data

Now, you have shifted the entire business process to your coveted CRM and got a Salesforce admin to manage the aspects. And, as the business went scaling high, your admin has already started nagging you with complaints. 

Was it his fault? No! 

If you get in-depth with Salesforce systems, you would know that having a Salesforce license is not enough. To have your Salesforce work for your business, there will be ten or let’s say a hundred more applications in place, feeding your system with tons of app data sitting at your primary storage space, eating away your admin’s reporting productivity over time. 

Do we have a solution to this? Yes! DataArchiva is the only Salesforce application with archiving capabilities that creates storage space instead of contributing to your Salesforce data growth. With secure connecting systems, DataArchiva allows you to continue storing your customer data at your preferred archival destination, instead of piling it on your current org library. 

And how do we ensure that your business data is safe to archive with DataArchiva? 

The following are the reasons why 👇

1) Encryption-at-Rest

As a part of the product offering, DataArchiva uses encryption-at-rest to hide the information’s true meaning. And why do we encrypt the archived data? A form of data protection, to prevent any unauthorized person to read your data or the archived information. In DataArchiva we use our own encryption method based on AES 256 algorithm. Furthermore, we also support a key rotation policy for the encoded objects, as an additional layer of security to protect your corporate-private data from falling into the wrong hands. 

2) 100% Native Archive 

Unlike others, we have explored every other possibility to keep the Salesforce data safe when you archive, and DataArchiva Native Archiving comes with a Salesforce data protection addendum. DataArchiva Native Archiving supports object archiving within Salesforce BigObjects. It’s one of the most preferred solutions for compliance-driven industries that do not prefer to move their company’s data out of the Salesforce cloud. It acts as a native connector to move your business data to Salesforce BigObjects, therefore our platform has no exposure to your archived data to carry out your archiving tasks. Moreover, DataArchiva is a US Gov Cloud-ready application with an advantage over public sector domains for Salesforce data archiving.

3) Intelligence

You have probably noticed or heard from your Salesforce admin that leads, email cases are pouring in. A default object that keeps growing in Salesforce, common for any booming business, that is occupying your storage space.  The best thing is, after identifying the legacy object data you want to archive you can choose what and when to archive from Salesforce. As per your retention policies, you can auto-schedule your archiving task with one click of a button. 

It’s very likely that you have to align with industry compliance which requires you to retain business data for a year/years. Based on the best advice, you can archive your Salesforce data with DataArchiva, worry-free. As with most compliance requirements, DataArchiva secures your data integrity, and maintains complex object relationships, with an archive history view in Salesforce for an easy-followup upon archival.

4) Purging

Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF) is one of the GDPR data protection laws that mention data erasure upon archiving. Let’s say your business belongs to a compliance-heavy industry like finance, healthcare, or from government institutions where you regularly deal with customer/patient/citizen data, then your archival application should also come with the flexibility of purging archived data. Even when you move your unused data from Salesforce to an archival destination, DataArchiva allows you to purge the archived data right from your Salesforce. Keeping your requirements in mind, DataArchiva ensures compliance first experience, so that all Salesforce users can GDPR & other compliance regulations at ease with your customer rights reserved. 

5) Data Management

Maintaining Salesforce data archives with DataArchiva, allows you to work with an insular management system. Why? Because once you move out your unused data from your active Salesforce data directories, there is a lesser chance of redundancy and it keeps your data quality intact. Further, DataArchiva comes with access control to regulate who or what can view or use the archived data in your business ecosystem. Thereby it assures better Salesforce data protection, with no additional maintenance cost for having a protected live org. 

6) Access Control

In a way, DataArchiva can extrapolate your Salesforce org security extensions by applying rules of profiles & permission sets to your archived records. Let’s say you have separate salesforce channels for respective business functions, and you want to restrict access to your contacts field of your leads object data for a few profiles. Using DataArchiva you can modify your Salesforce data archive access to objects only to assigned profiles, safeguarding the outflow of your customer’s personal data from your organization’s database.

Request a product demo for DataArchiva as soon as possible if you intend to move toward full compliance portfolio management of your Salesforce CRM data.

DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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