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Salesforce users struggle with limited storage options to organize & retain data for a long time.  

If you are unable to organize & retain all your data within Salesforce or have run out of your app’s data storage space, it’s time to ‘Stay Agile & Archive’.

Archiving your Salesforce legacy/inactive data in a secondary data storage system allows you to securely retain your data based on compliance-driven custom retention policies, in a much more cost-efficient way.  

You must be wondering, how difficult can archiving your Salesforce data be. Here are the must-knows –

  • Not having computing bandwidth to run archiving tasks
  • Indecisions to designate an archival destination 
  • Security of the data post-archive 
  • Possibility to restore data back from archives 
  • Cost of data archiving, archival feasibility & archive maintenance 
  • Commit to regular archiving as a chore to managing data storage in Salesforce

Therefore Salesforce apps like DataArchiva provide connector-less cloud integration to archive your secure archive your app data to your own database. Its external cloud archiving capabilities allow you to avail of Microsoft Azure cloud from Salesforce to archive and connect with your MS SQL, My SQL & Postgres databases for archiving your inactive records data from Salesforce.

Let’s say you want to remove your 2 years old closed-customer records from your Salesforce app to save some storage space. You can easily configure the objects that you want to archive, initiate connectivity from your Salesforce app to Azure, migrate the storage with Azure, and get it archived within your database of choice, with a single data archiving app (DataArchiva) in Salesforce. Incredible right?

DataArchiva is easy, seamless & user-friendly, where you can set rules, encrypt, & archive your Salesforce data based on your preferred timeframe, based on your enterprise or compliance needs.  

This is exactly how Salesforce & Azure Integration with DataArchiva helps to tackle your data storage woes.

How to archive data with DataArchiva by integrating Salesforce to Azure cloud platform

Even if you are collecting volumes of data in your Salesforce that amounts upto Terabytes a year, scaling up your Salesforce’s data archiving capabilities just got a lot easier with DataArchiva’s Salesforce-Azure integration feature, to gain that extra cloud advantage. 

Benefits of Having DataArchiva to Use Azure Cloud to Scale Up Bulk Archiving Capabilities in Salesforce

DataArchiva users have improved ROI by 5x and experienced better org performance of their Salesforce app. And, integration of Salesforce-Azure with DataArchiva can provide a range of archiving benefits to your CRM-run businesses. 

  1. Saves Cost: Storing data using your Azure cloud within your database can be more cost-effective than storing it in Salesforce, especially for historical data that is not frequently accessed.
  2. Builds Safe Connections: Establish seamless connections with Salesforce-Azure without any 3rd-party connector, for duty-free data migration with DataArchiva.
  3. Encrypts at Archive: As an additional layer of security, DataArchiva encrypts the data at rest to limit unauthorized database access.
  4. Keeps Governance Limitations At Bay: DataArchiva uses the scalable component of the Azure cloud to host the archiving engines outside Salesforce to fend off the governance limitations while data archiving, which means you can process a large volume of data seamlessly.
  5. Archives Any Salesforce Data: Select all types of standard/custom objects, chatter feeds, filed audit data, system audit data, etc with DataArchiva and route your archiving process from Salesforce to Azure, using it’s platform capabilities
  6. Live Reporting: With DataArchiva, you can run reports using Tableau or Power BI on both your live as well as archived data.
  7. Saves Time: Initial data offloading could have taken ages without DataArchiva, known for its fastest data processing speed.Seamlessly integrate your Salesforce to Azure and Archive inactive data With DataArchiva
  8. Optimizes Storage: Once you have established a Salesforce-Azure connection with DataArchiva, it can parallelly run multiple archiving jobs from time to time, capacitating data storage for live information from the org in use.
  9. Cloud-Ready: It supports Salesforce-Azure archiving for all major Salesforce cloud apps viz. Sales, Service, Pardot, Industry, including AppExchange apps or any custom-built app on platform.
  10. Improves ROI: Integration of Salesforce to your Azure cloud is a perfect way to make the most of your existing cloud platforms. It almost zeros down on additional data storage costs for Salesforce, and maximizes the app’s performance.
  11. Improves Archiving Efficiency: Tap action buttons like ‘archive’ and ‘restore’; improved search experience, has made Salesforce data archiving with Azure a cakewalk.
  12. Ensures Transparency in Archiving: With DataArchiva you can enjoy a 100% Data view & access to the archived data within Salesforce.
  13. Archiving With 100% Data Control:  DataArchiva ensures 100% ownership of the archived data. You are allowed to use your own Azure cloud and archive as you like within your SQL, MS SQL, ‌Redshift, or Postgres databases. It’s an archiving enabler app and your business-critical data is never exposed to our platform, ensuring 100% ownership of the data you want to archive with DataArchiva. 

The capabilities of DataArchiva are expert-tested by Salesforce & user-approved. There are some leading global businesses that have overcome a mountain of complex data archiving challenges with the winning assistance of DataArchiva in Salesforce. Some have even managed to meter their data residency challenges by archiving Salesforce data with DataArchiva by leveraging the Azure cloud platform. You can read the entire success story here.

Also, if you want to learn more about DataArchiva’s futuristic features, schedule a demo today!

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