How to Archive Salesforce Data With Azure Without Third-Party Connecter Apps

You can now eliminate integration tool costs from your archiving expenses, potentially saving you the additional expenses associated with connecting Salesforce to Azure.

It can be possible with DataArchiva, a future-proof data archiving application in Salesforce that simplifies data storage management within Salesforce while simultaneously providing cost-effective leverage of your Azure cloud as an archival asset.

From serverless computing, and advanced analytics to AI; Azure has earned one of the favorite spots of tech juries worldwide. As a partner-focused platform, it now offers 200+ fully featured cloud services to ease processes for cloud-run businesses. 

537,837 companies have scaled processes on Microsoft Azure. If you are one of them, you too can leverage Azure Cloud to run archiving jobs before you run into bottlenecks like Salesforce Governance or data storage limits.

Azure Cloud at Your Disposal in Salesforce Data Archival 

Azure is frequently utilized as a cloud-based database hosting platform. Microsoft Azure provides both serverless relational databases – Azure SQL and & non-relational databases – NoSQL, which are commonly used for data archiving activities. Several compliance-driven firms find it difficult to retain data in Salesforce, due to its data storage limitations. By integrating Azure cloud to Salesforce, they can overcome storage challenges with a scheduled archiving job.

And, DataArchiva can make the process of Salesforce to Azure integration so that you can archive your old, inactive data to your preferred databases and thereby keep your data storage relevant, without bearing any extra maintenance charges like Salesforce connector costs. The following segment of the blog explains how and what are the benefits of archiving Salesforce data with Azure cloud when you have volumes of unmanaged data in your primary Salesforce data storage space.

Connector-less Salesforce Data Archiving With DataArchiva

Connector-less Salesforce Data Archiving with DataArchiva

To schedule an archive process with Salesforce-Azure, you need a connector. It can be Salesforce Connect or a 3rd party connector or a custom-made application. Maintaining hefty subscriptions for connector apps or having a custom-built Salesforce application is a huge add-on to your archiving cost. Moreover, every time you try to run an archiving task in Salesforce, you have to manually configure the objects, and connect them with your Azure cloud. A slight inconsistency or a disruption during data migration can lead to data loss. 

But with DataArchiva’s external archiving capabilities, you can skip what’s lengthy and switch to seamless, connector-less, that is, it broadly cuts down the dependency on third-party connectors for Salesforce & Azure cloud integration. It’s got its own in-app abilities which allow you to connect the Salesforce app to Azure and to store archived Salesforce data to your preferred MS SQL, MySQl & Postgres databases. Here is an entire list of things that you do not have to worry about if you are choosing to archive your Salesforce data with DataArchiva

No Additional Connector Costs For Salesforce-Azure Integration: DataArchiva doesn’t need any additional external integration tools to process the data archiving job from Salesforce to Azure, in order to connect both platforms.

No Additional Salesforce Data Storage Cost: With DataArchiva, you can use your own Azure platform to archive all your old & unused data from the Salesforce app to any external database like MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, etc. This will not only help you optimize your Salesforce storage, but also prevent you from paying high additional storage costs.

– No Extra Maintenance Cost: Maximizes cost savings by zeroing down the upkeep fees.

– No Salesforce Governance Limitation Challenges: Avoid processing restrictions in Salesforce in the most elegant way with DataArchiva.

Well, here are the beyond archiving capabilities you can get as an extra that skillfully compensate your data compliance needs if you are archiving your Salesforce data for a long time.

DataArchiva is a perfect example of how companies can use Microsoft Azure, to automate data archiving processes in Salesforce; efficiently and effectively. It meets your data retention KPIs & keeps your compliance manager happy!

If you want to explore in-depth  about DataArchiva’s next-gen capabilities & features, you can also check our external archiving datasheet.

You can also Try DataArchiva for Free or schedule a product demo with our experts here.

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Integrating External Platforms to Archive Salesforce Data

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