Live Webinar — A Next-gen Salesforce Data Management Strategy: From Smart Storage & Performance Management to Compliance & Security Brilliance

Have you attended Salesforce World Tour Sydney this year? If ‘YES,’ it’s less likely that you missed the Customer Success Session. It was the heart of the event that gathered Trailblazers to learn, innovate, and empower themselves. 

And it was our privilege that being a Platinum Sponsor, team DataArchiva could be part of the Customer Success Session and contribute to its remarkable success. Our data experts Ratish Kumar (AVP, Product Owner) and Barun Kumar (AVP, Chief Architect) took the stage and dived deeper into the topic A Next-gen Salesforce Data Management Strategy: From Smart Storage & Performance Management to Compliance & Security Brilliance. 

Do you remember it all?

If you say ‘YES,’ we got good news for you. We’re coming back with the magic of Salesforce World Tour Sydney once again. We will connect, learn, and innovate together once more. 

Wondering how that would happen? We’re meeting you over a cup of coffee in a live webinar session. The cherry on top is that we will bring the same panel of speakers from World Tour Sydney-Barun and Ratish, who entertained you the most that day. They will once again shed light on A Next-gen Salesforce Data Management Strategy: From Smart Storage & Performance Management to Compliance & Security Brilliance.

Are you pondering the reasons behind the revival of the World Tour Sydney magic once again? First and foremost, YOU, the Trailblazer. We have received an immense response for our successful Customer Success Session from you.  Many of you raised a concern that you wanted to explore the topic more and some of you raised a concern that you missed joining us on the day of the Salesforce Tour. So, we wanted to host the magic again to have you covered. 

And, the second yet prominent reason is that we want to empower you with a powerful data management strategy in Salesforce. In this data-driven world, you need to implement advanced strategies to manage your growing Salesforce data by ensuring its security, accessibility, future, etc. So, we’d like to give you in-depth awareness about that. 

Altogether, our upcoming webinar will be hosted for worthy reasons.

Upon joining our hosts on 27th April 2023, you will get hold of how to  build a powerful Data Management Strategy in Salesforce enwrapping Smart Data and File Storage, Performance Management, and Compliance and Security Brilliance in order to maximize your benefits by leveraging data. 

The key takeaways from the 30-minute live session are:

  • Data in Salesforce: Types, Usage, Focus, and Challenges
  • Importance of Archiving and Benefits of DataArchiva
  • File Management Best Practices
  • Advanced File Management Strategy
  • Customer Stories

So, are you thrilled to relish the Salesforce World Tour Sydney magic one more time? If you want to learn more, mark your calendar now and join our webinar. 

If you’re from the APAC region, register here for the webinar and join us live at 3:30 PM AEST.

If you’re from the US or other regions, you can save your spot here and join us at 11:00 AM EDT.

Looking forward to hosting you!

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