Webinar - How to Ensure Flexibility & Complete Ownership Over the Data

Do you still think that a cloud platform doesn’t require backup? Not surprising. 4 out of 5 companies think the same way. In today’s business world where the volume of data is constantly growing and businesses are over-dependent on their data to drive higher success, not having a data backup strategy is nothing less than a disaster itself. A Salesforce org witnesses many new record creations from multiple users along with existing field changes. A single mishap might cost your business a fortune.

There are many data loss scenarios such as human errors, system failures, migration slips, bad code, cyber attacks & ransomware, and much more. You have to accept the fact that data loss incidents are inevitable. However, the impact can be minimized or prevented with a robust data insurance in the form of a future-ready backup strategy.

Backup & recovery tools will certainly protect your data from any possible disaster, but today the expectation from a backup solution is much more than it was yesterday. Enterprises not only look to protect their critical business data with auto backup but also want complete control over the backup process and data. If you don’t have control over your backup data & also there is no scope of flexibility, then you might not meet all your backup goals.

Join our experts on 4th August at 11:00 AM EST in a LIVE WEBINAR, when they unveil the secrets of next-gen data backup in Salesforce with 100% flexibility & control over the data. The webinar will focus on one of the less talked about aspects of backup which is data ownership & how Salesforce customers can leverage their own external cloud or on-premise platforms to keep backup Salesforce data. During the live session, we will also talk about multiple storage options in the form of S3, SharePoint, and even a server that can be used as secondary storage for the Salesforce backup data.

Book your seat for the live session to learn:

    • Top 3 Things to Consider for an Efficient Backup & Recovery Strategy
    • Available Storage Options to Keep the Backup Salesforce Data
    • Leverage Your Own Cloud to Obtain 100% Control Over Data
    • A Blueprint of Modern Data Backup & Recovery Strategy for Salesforce


Webinar Details


Salesforce Data Backup & Recovery: How to Ensure Flexibility & Complete Ownership Over the Data

Date & Time

4th August | 11:00 AM EST



Mr. Ratish Kumar, AVP (Technology)

Mr. Rakesh Rao, AVP (Sales)


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