World Tour London 2024 wraps up, leaving behind a resounding buzz. 

Once again, Salesforce had Zahra Bahrololoumi, CEO of Salesforce UKI, on the lead for the opening keynote at the London campground to kick off the event, and the rest is history.

Followed by AI Day from London World Tour 2023, this year Salesforce has picked the innovation parallels to set realistic goals to transform each business into an AI enterprise

The move centered around some fiery announcements on the event day in London on 6th June 2024, breaking the media newsrooms. 

The best part is, that we were present at the event as one of the proud sponsors of the 2024 World Tour London to witness it live. If you too want to accelerate your Salesforce with productivity, efficiency & optimization these should be at the top of your growth watchlist! 

#1 Salesforce Picks London as Its First AI Center

Last year in the 2023, AI Day event, Zahra mentioned how Salesforce will be moving ahead with the AI trust layer as a part of the commitment to invest $4 billion for the UK businesses. As a part of the continuum, 2024 Salesforce, the leading AI CRM, has chosen London for its inaugural AI Center. This center will be the dedicated space to foster collaboration among industry experts, partners, and customers.

Announcement: Salesforce Picks London as Its First AI Center

The AI center will be an ensemble of fresh initiatives to drive AI innovation while offering essential upskilling opportunities.  CNBC reports it as a “Bullish Bait”  by Salesforce as part of the $4 billion commitment. Delve deeper into how Salesforce in UAE is transforming to become the next reform to prick the tech bubble in making AI more accessible. 

#2 Salesforce Announces Data Cloud Vector Database

Salesforce’s rapidly growing AI economy signals strong confidence in the UK and will be further boosted by the announcement of Data Cloud Vector. This was announced at World Tour London on the 6th of June, where the Data Cloud Vector Database aims to unify  90% of the touchpoints, including sales, service, marketing, commerce, analytics, and integrated applications in Salesforce.

World Tour London 2024 AI Keynote

To be more lucid, the general availability of Data Cloud in its Vector database format will be capable of ingesting, storing, unifying, indexing, and using data from PDFs, emails, transcripts & all other unstructured formats, providing advanced knowledge to Gen-AI. A useful innovation to cast the magic of customer success while operating with Salesforce by making the best use of the available data. Further, it will minimize the need for extensive data collection yet deliver exceptional results by fueling the Salesforce gen AI capabilities. Explore the Data Cloud Vector Database capabilities from this Salesforce article

#3 Salesforce Launches Data Cloud on Hyperforce to Empower UK Businesses

Salesforce’s launch of Data Cloud on Hyperforce in the UK marks a significant step towards an agenda to “Unlock opportunities to better connect with customers locally while growing globally”. 

By offering Data Cloud on Hyperforce in the UK, Salesforce will enable businesses to tap into the power of data for safer, more intelligent AI applications. This shift allows companies to redirect their focus from handling infrastructure to acting on valuable data insights, leading to improved efficiency and reduced costs. At World Tour London 2024, Zahra Bahrololoumi’s statement underscores the importance of this launch in accelerating digital transformation, fostering customer connections locally, and supporting global expansion efforts for UK-based businesses.

Check out the latest update on when Data Cloud on Hyperforce is going live

#4 Salesforce’s Slack Lists Rendezvous

Salesforce introduces Slack Lists at World Tour London 2024

Salesforce reformulates productivity with all-new Slack Lists, enhancing project and task management within the popular collaboration platform. This innovative feature introduces a structured approach to conversations within Slack, empowering teams to efficiently manage projects, handle inbound requests, and prioritize tasks seamlessly. 

With the introduction of Slack Lists, Salesforce is facilitating a rendezvous between project management and real-time collaboration. By merging project management tools into the familiar Slack interface, Salesforce aims to streamline workflows and enhance productivity for organizations like Spotify Advertising, DIRECTV, and AllianceBernstein, all of whom rely on Slack to optimize their work processes.

Get a full look at how Salesforce is bringing project and task management into Slack with the new lists feature. 

#5 Salesforce Goes Break Edge on Analytics with Tableau GPT & Tableau Pulse

Salesforce is taking a groundbreaking leap in analytics with Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse. By leveraging natural language prompts, Tableau GPT will empower sales leaders to effortlessly track their progress against quotes in real-time with actionable insights, and recommendations for achieving their goals.

Tableau Pulse complements this innovation by delivering automated, personalized analytics in natural language and visual formats, enabling users to make informed decisions quickly. Its seamless integration with collaboration tools; Slack and email facilitates direct interaction & collaboration on these insights within users’ daily workflows.

Tableau GPT & Tableau Pulse influences at World Tour London 2024

Get an overview of how Tableau GPT & Tableau pulse is going clinical on data visualizations and keep tabs on your business vitals. 

In the wave of AI hype turning to reality, at World Tour London 2024, Salesforce is now ready to ride the big wheel. 

Here are cheers on how we have made our presence loud & clear at the events.

Team DataArchiva at World Tour London 2024

Briefing Our Experience as One of the Proud Sponsors at World Tour London 2024 

Our presence at the events has been nothing short of electrifying! The World Tour London Campground is abuzz with discussions and talks, and we’re thrilled to be part of this vibrant atmosphere. We’ve built formidable connections with trailblazers, shared our expertise in the data & document management domain in Salesforce, and how our applications are cost-effective for UKI businesses. 

The booth received phenomenal feedback, with businesses seeking standout products to safeguard their valuable Salesforce data. As dedicated partners, we’re leading the pack with top-notch Salesforce data management applications like DataArchiva, for data archiving & backup. 

We’re eagerly looking forward to achieving customer success through DataArchiva’s Salesforce data archive and backup applications, ensuring that businesses can trust us to safeguard their data as they focus purely on 360 customer success. The excitement is palpable as we gear up to unveil our exciting lineup of features for DataArchiva’s archive and backup applications at the upcoming World Tour event in London.

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