8 First-Timer Essentials to Attend Salesforce World Tour Sydney

Okay, we get it! You were overwhelmed that Salesforce is visiting town, hosting a World Tour at ICC Sydney, at a prime location of Darling Harbor on Cockle Bay, and got yourself registered.

So, what’s next? Salesforce Events are for no beginners. In 2024, they are estimated to host 140+ sessions, and jam-packed events, with a footfall of 2000+ Trailblazers on a fleet of feet ‌enough to boggle green horns attending for the first time.

Fortunately, we have cracked the code on how you can connect, learn & network without missing out on all the beats about AI + Data + CRM + Trust.

Here, we have addressed all your first-timer doubts to make use of that beginner’s luck to your advantage!

Hold up till the end! Bonus tips ahead for those attending the World Tour Sydney Event on Salesforce+.

Q: Any Insider tips on Do’s and Don’t if attending the Salesforce Tour in Sydney for the First Time?

A: Let’s tick off the don’ts list first:
  • Salesforce will be driving some amazing business growth sessions, so don’t leave without building an agenda
  • The event starts at 8:00 a.m. AEDT, don’t arrive late
  • Right after the event entry there is a registration desk, don’t forget to collect the badge
  • All Salesforce product innovations are announced at the keynote, so don’t miss out!
  • Partner theater sessions run concurrently at many levels, so don’t forget to check the destination of your booked slots
  • Salesforce tours are known for their formal, yet not-so-formal demeanor, so don’t shy away from having some fun while you connect, network & learn!
Here is the do’s list for the event:
  • Seats for the Main Keynote are limited, and mostly reserved for the partners & guests, so arrive early
  • Expect a crowd surge at the campground, so keep an eye out for the wayfinding posts to be on the right track
  • Remember that you are a ‘Trailblazer’, keep the garms breezy & lite
  • Before the Trailblazer forest there will be Platinum Sponsor booths from leading Salesforce ISV & SIs, meet the innovators at the event.

Q: Could you share your top picks for must-attend sessions or keynotes? I’m eager to make the most of my first-time experience!

A: Once you step into the campground you will have plenty of opportunities to get hands-on, have fun, and give back to the Campground.

It can be based, on interest, and the industry that you belong to. If you are from financial services, you can attend the customer sessions by Lendi, Medibank, and NAB Australia to find out how they are using Salesforce to grow their businesses. 

On the flip side if you belong to the Salesforce SI & ISV partner community, searching grounds to have your breakthrough in the Salesforce ecosystem, you cannot miss out on the Partner Theatre Sessions! It’s going to be a massive display of ‌force.com innovations planting AI to their ‌solutions at large, hence must attend.

Q: Is there a specific track you believe holds the most potential to truly exceed my expectations?

A: The entire event agenda for 2024’s Salesforce World Tour Sydney is around AI+Data+CRM+Trust. Applications of AI in Salesforce thrill you, AI Theatre Sessions at ICC are about to blow your mind. Check out the Salesforce Sydney World Tour Agenda to get a complete download for the activities listed under AI Theatre sessions.

If you are one of the Salesblazers attending Salesforce World Tour Sydney, join; Innovation Spotlight: Give Sellers the Gift of Time with AI for some amazing insights on how to sell better, win back selling time, and nurture prospects in the age of AI. 

For a curated list of the AI expo at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024, check out these 5 AI Beats that You Can’t-Miss

Q: Are there exclusive networking events or key opportunities you’d suggest for first-timers like us?

A: Remember it’s Salesforce! If you ask for water from this ‘Customer Company’ it will bring you an ocean of opportunities to nurture your possibilities. The event gathers a whole bunch of partner innovators in Salesforce, ISVs, and SIs across the globe, traveling with their business teams and experts to Sydney. Regardless of your business size, you will still find solutions, exchange applications, and Salesforce consultants that can help you save time, lower costs, and grow.

Q: I am seeking partnership opportunities to deliver top-notch Salesforce solutions to my clients. How can I collaborate?

A: We know exactly what you are seeking! The best place to find partnership opportunities is at the sponsorship booth. There are 15+ Platinum Sponsor Booth at Salesforce World Tour 2024 comprising all-star applications including the best of the APAC region. Just pay a visit to their booths, note their strengths, and potential value for clients, and explore the latest offerings on Salesforce AppExchange, the largest Salesforce marketplace.

Want to learn how communications in the Salesforce Partner Community works? Here’s a bonus! Sharing an on-demand webinar on – How Successful Salesforce AppExchange Partners Can Drive Higher Customer Success with DataArchiva.

Q: Are there any specific product demos or showcases I shouldn’t miss as a first-timer?

A: Yes! Get ready for the adrenaline-packed Demo Jam in Salesforce! A battle of top ISV applications winning the hearts of the audiences with the most edgy, innovative & ‘SaaSy’ way! 

Don’t know what a Demo Jam is? Learn from the bullets mentioned below:

  • Game show style event with 4-6 app partners showcasing top apps in 3-minute demos
  • Live audience votes for the favorite demo, with the winner claiming an exciting prize
  • Hosted by AppExchange and Salesforce MVPs
  • Themes include sales, marketing, service, healthcare, financial services, and more

So, don’t miss out to catch up on the AppExchange mavericks on demo war at Salesforce World Tour Sydney. 

Did we hear, you want specifics?

Then don’t skip out on us! Team DataArchiva is on a winning streak for AppExchange DemoJams. So, cast your votes if you have found us. 

Q: Are there any beginner-friendly workshops to get hands-on with Salesforce?

A: Take a tour of the Trailblazer Forest, where great trails await to be explored with Salesforce,  so do check them out. It’s at the final area where you can find the trailhead boards, the Salesforce credential booths, Salesforce data cloud booths, and admin, and developer booths, with hands-on areas. So, take a walk, get inspired, join the Salesforce learning community, and make the most out of your experience at Salesforce World Tour Sydney. 

Q: For someone new to Salesforce, what are some recommended ways to stay engaged and keep learning after the event?

A: Salesforce tours can be exhaustive but there is no need to sweat out if you have missed a few sessions, cause Salesforce has got you covered! Follow up where you ‌left off at Salesfroce+. It’s like Netflix for Trailblazers, where you can watch live events at your own time & pace that help you grow your career and business. For enthusiasts like you, the DataArchiva crew will be sticking out in Sydney for a while post the Salesforce Tour. Our data experts can help you out with best practices on Salesforce data governance, how to manage data growth in Salesforce, reduce storage costs, tips on data management disciplines, and business essentials on Salesforce data backups.  Let’s catch up for some focused discussion on Salesforce data management post-event. Book your slot to meet us post-event at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024

Now it’s time for the Bonus tips for those attending the World Tour Sydney Event on Salesforce+.

  • Set goals for what you want to learn and accomplish during the event.
  • Optimize your virtual setup for a smooth experience.
  • Engage with speakers and fellow attendees through virtual networking.
  • Prioritize sessions aligned with your goals and interests.
  • Take advantage of on-demand content & Salesforce+ originals based on the event
  • Participate in interactive Q&A sessions for deeper insights.
  • Explore virtual booths for product demos and resources.
  • Take breaks to stay fresh and focused throughout the day.
  • Stay active in the Salesforce Partner Community to connect with fellow Trailblazers and share insights
  • Follow up with contacts and continue to learn post-event.

That’s all we have for you! I hope this was helpful. Till then happy trailblazing!

Out of Sydney for the Salesforce World Tour?

You can still meet our data experts post-event

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