Looking to Adopt a Data-first Approach in Salesforce: Consider This First

With every advancement being made in the digital world, a limitless resource is being unlocked: data. As we roll into 2022, we realize that the world of data is a never-ending roller coaster of new technologies where a tsunami of data is being born. We are already looking at the prediction of nearly 463 exabytes of data being generated each day by people as of 2025. 

In the ever-expanding technological world of today, it’s no wonder that enterprises are valuing their data & its outcomes. Therefore, let’s look at some of the recent trends in business data & gain some insights into what those trends might mean for the enterprises using the Salesforce cloud platform. 

Shift Towards More Hybrid, Multi-cloud Environments

According to a Gartner forecast, it is estimated that the end-user spending on public cloud services will grow 21.7% to reach $482 billion in 2022 (up from $396 billion in 2021). In fact, this year is predicted to mark the rise of a more hybrid, multi-cloud environment as more & more enterprises across the globe get on the bandwagon of new distributed cloud models. Even a report published by McKinsey estimates that 70% of companies will adopt hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud platforms as part of a distributed IT infrastructure in 2022. This will, in turn, help them boost their speed, reduce complexity, save costs, & strengthen their cybersecurity defences.  

Data-driven, Personalized Customer Experience

A highly personalized & immersive experience is what most customers & end-users are after these days. This is brought about when businesses efficiently gather the data & process it intelligently to provide customers with increasingly worthwhile, valuable, or enjoyable experiences. As the interactions with businesses become increasingly digital, every aspect of user engagement will be measured & analyzed to generate insights about further smoothening the processes. From AI chatbots to Amazon’s cashier-less convenience stores, data is driving forth greater levels of personalization in services businesses offer to users.  

Growth of Data Fabric Technology in Digital Transformation

In recent times, as businesses become more remote, digital transformation is the most talked about subject. In this respect, data fabrics are a progressively developing technology that is being adopted by Salesforce enterprises needing increased accessibility for their growing data. With the data fabric architecture, enterprises can easily store & retrieve the datasets across their distributed on-premises, cloud, & multi-cloud infrastructure. Data fabric technology will also play a crucial role in allowing enterprises to embrace new advancements in the data & analytics domain as seamlessly as possible.

In 2022, organizations will create a data fabric to drive enterprise-wide data and analytics and to automate many of the data exploration, ingestion, integration, and preparation tasks. By enabling organizations to choose their preferred tools, these data fabrics will reduce time-to-delivery and make it a preferred data management approach in the coming year.

                                                                            Ravi Shankar,

                                                                            SVP & CMO at Denodo

Capitalizing on Data as the Single Source of Truth

In order to overcome the challenges of storing business data in silos & using it to make more data-driven decisions, Salesforce enterprises are rapidly advancing towards a single source of truth model for their systems. By simply aggregating data from various systems within the organization to a single location, businesses can ensure that they are operating on standardized, relevant data across the organization. Looking at the growing importance of this data trend, it won’t be wrong to say that it improves the data intelligence capabilities of the companies by bringing them in a better position to make faster & timely decisions and implement new strategies. 

Now that you are aware why businesses, that leverage Salesforce, are adopting a more data-first approach, it’s important to understand another strategy that puts the business data at the center. This strategy is data archiving. Archiving old, legacy data from the primary data storage in Salesforce into long-term, cost-effective storage helps in maximizing the business output from the data. In 2022, a key trend in data archiving is users focusing on strategies that enable them to automatically archive unstructured data with policy-based guidelines. 

Intelligent Data Archiving Solutions for Salesforce 

One such flawless strategy that puts the enterprise data in Salesforce on a pinnacle is DataArchiva. Easily available on the AppExchange, DataArchiva is the only data archiving application for Salesforce that taps into the unexplored potential of Big Objects, Salesforce’s big data-based storage. The application intelligently archives all your old data at a native level into Big Objects to give you 5X+ ROI, 100% control over your data, 5X faster system performance, & easier compliance; in short simplifying data management. Know more about the application by getting in touch with us. 

If you don’t want to use Big Objects or already have an external storage system in place, you can choose to leverage DataArchiva in your system. DataArchiva gives users the option to archive legacy data into any external database (Redshift, Postgres, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL) of their preference by leveraging any external platform (AWS, GCP, Azure, Heroku, On-premise). To know more about the application, please get in touch with us

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