Transform Your Salesforce Application into a Data Playground with DataArchiva’s Data Seeding Solutions

Whether it’s about expansion, extension, or exploration of your Salesforce environment/ecosystem, we at DataArchiva bring you the perfection to invite personalization at ease with its new data mobility wonder – Org to Org (O2O)  seeding.

In the era of flip phones going viral, everybody including our Salesforce customers wants a 360-degree flex to expand the visibility of the world around them, and we have just managed to bring them closer.

O2O Seeding from DataArchiva comes with easy and flexible features to compose your model seed at ease and help you to move your data across environments. This doesn’t range out only from sandbox to production & back instead it allows data transmission across any type of org within Salesforce. 

Let’s say your company is using Salesforce, wants a more granular approach to target opportunities at a regional level. To put this top-down approach into action, segregation of a nationwide org would have taken several development months to duplicate into smaller orgs. Having an org-to-org data seeding tool helps you to take a sprint faster, so that you have your model seed handy to move between environments, significantly cutting down your development downtime.

This is just an example of how it contributes to the scalability factor where seeding can buoy a myriad of challenges. 

Salesforce being the backbone of modern businesses, borrowing the robustness of DataArchiva’s suite of applications, O2O seeding can be the new transformative tool to convert your Salesforce into a data playground

Introducing O2O Seeding From DataArchiva

Based on the architecture of the feed system of a seeding application you can decide the direction of your data transmission. That’s where O2O seeding from DataArchiva has got its name from. Let’s try to understand the concept a little better.

What is O2O Seeding?

O2O Seeding is a robust and user-friendly solution for Salesforce introduced by DataArchiva that allows you to specify, optimize, and automate the cloud replication processes to precisely transmit data across multiple environments while preserving integrity throughout the process.  This is typically done to ensure that data available in Salesforce is consistent across different orgs for various purposes, such as development, testing, or data synchronization between orgs.

What ‘O2O’ actually refers to?

O2O is logically coined by DataArchiva to refer to org-to-org seeding as the process of transferring or replicating data from one Salesforce organization (org) to another. In short, it’s just meant to simplify your data transfer jobs, where you can choose what to want to seed & where to seed within Salesforce. 

Why is O2O Seeding important?

O2O seeding is important because it allows organizations to maintain data consistency, and integrity across different Salesforce orgs and helps to keep your orgs in sync.  ensures that data in target orgs accurately reflects the data in the source org, which is crucial for reliable testing, development, data migration, and checking the validity of the business processes.

What are the Use Cases for O2O Seeding in Salesforce?

O2O seeding plays a pivotal role in different phases of Salesforce development, empowering architects and developers to expedite project completion or in testing new environments. Here they can replicate the entire data infrastructure to an org under review so that they can proactively pinpoint potential hiccups in the early stages of development in a more cost-effective way. As it allows an extra wheel to stay agile across systems it can significantly curtail the time allocated to rectifying glitches throughout the entire developmental life cycle.

How Does O2O Seeding Work?

O2O seeding involves extracting data (It can be from any type of object ~ custom or standard) from the source org, transforming it as necessary, and then loading it into the target org. It works on DataArchiva’s process engines and to execute the job we have every facility in the tool so that you can achieve your data seeding success without fail.

What Are the Steps to Set Up O2O Seeding?

With DataArchiva O2O seeding, you can initiate the data copy in these few easy steps –

  • Choose Object: Configure with the root object details from which you want to move data
  • Set Object Hierarchy: Select child objects listed under the selected root
  • Define Database: Define the field you want to capture 
  • Apply Filters: Condition the root records to define precise targets
  • Specify Target Org: Designate if it is for Sandbox or Production 
  • Authenticate: Seed only to the org permitted to access 
  • Validate Metadata: Get a clear view of root object details, child selected & filter conditions
  • Get Notified: Post submission and get notified in the email with the proper job summary
  • Process History: View a complete seed list live from production
  • Reuse Configuration: Save the configuration settings for potential future use or replication

Achieve Org-toOrg Data Mobility in 5 Easy Steps in Salesforce with DataArchiva's seeding capability

What Are the Benefits of O2O Seeding

The benefits of O2O seeding include –

  • Maintaining integrity for efficient data replication
  • Enabling realistic testing to innovate faster
  • Matching the octaves to accelerate the development processes
  • Saves cost & time by allowing selective object seeding instead of full-copy 
  • Customize to choose any data type to meet your specific Salesforce data needs
  • Takes care of both post-process & in-line de-duplication
How O2O Seeding is Taking Care of Process Challenges or Considerations while Running the Job in Salesforce?

DataArchiva’s O2O seeding tool is meant to make your job fast, easy & efficient. It requires no-code, point-and-click interfaces with self-explanatory action buttons which intuitively directs you through the process with ease. As it’s built-in Salesforce, it shows a familiar user interface, followed by most apps. To all admin’s ease, you can use the O2O seeding tool like a neighborhood application without a hick. You can also get a process demo from our experts, check out this link

Is O2O Seeding Secure?

O2O seeding can be made secure through encryption, secure data transfer protocols, and access control mechanisms. DataArchiva has made it essential to follow best practices for data security to protect sensitive information during the transfer process. Also, it has introduced multiple authentications while conducting the process by limiting the accessibility of who can run the seeding jobs making it extremely secure. 

How Does O2O Seeding Help to Maintain Data Integrity? 

Adhoc transfers can be a huge problem and hamper the quality of the data seeds. Keeping data relevance in mind, DataArchiva ensures that its O2O seeding maintains the quality of the seed copy at every job of transfer. It has fortified the steps with proper validation sets, providing root object details summary or the metadata fetched during the process so that you can effortlessly meet the precision seeding requirements. 

Why Including O2O Seeding with DataArchiva’s Metadata & Files Backup was a Logical Choice

O2O seeding is a default component of DataArchiva’s Salesforce data backup application because it harmonizes the implementation process by facilitating a rapid and efficient way to import the seed data right from your Salesforce and evaluate the app performance within the test environment. 

  • Initiate Swift implementation: By enabling this org-to-org seeding mechanism, DataArchiva empowers users to efficiently initiate and assess the application’s behavior while cutting down further dependencies to connect another app to perform testing.
  • Endurance+ to Bring Down Any Incidents Of Data Loss: This not only accelerates the testing phase but also ensures a robust and reliable performance evaluation for hassle-free integration. This ensures before deployment, your Salesforce data is not subjected to any data loss.
  • Wins over Data Backup’s Security & Compliance Truces: You can count O2O seeding as an extra security feature, where you can get real results without necessarily affecting the condo of your real data set, but still could re-duplicate the real Salesforce environment to keep you pro-bono with your data recovery approach.
  • 100% Control & Ownership Right From The Stage of Backup Implementation: It rightly gives you steady feet to deploy an external data backup system in Salesforce. Whether you are taking data backup for AWS, Azure, Heroku, or GCP, with O2O seeding presents you a virtual system to try out how DataArchiva Backup can suit your enterprise or lets you decide whether a S3 bucket or Sharepoint server or on-premise system suites the best to take a backup.
  • Cuts Down your Decision-Making Time: Yes, it makes you #AwsomeAdmin without a second thought, as it helps you to conclude faster, and makes development cycles more efficient & responsive and even if you have a myriad of choices on the desk on how to take a backup of provides a thorough roadmap whether you want to take a partial backup of the Salesforce data and what are your storage choices be to support your Salesforce with 360 protection. 

Amazing right? That’s how excited to announce O2O seeding in DataArchiva. Wish to try DataArchiva in Salesforce for free, check here

Likewise, if you want to learn more about its unique capabilities & features get DataArchiva’s O2O seeding datasheet.

Want a detailed comparison between O2O seeding vs. Sandbox Seeding? Check the link here

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