Unlocking Success: DataArchiva's Salesforce Data Management Solutions for European Businesses at World Tour London

After Sydney & Dubai, it’s time for London where we want to showcase our data management suite.

Top global firms, including Fortune 500 companies, have saved substantial amounts of their regular Salesforce spending using DataArchiva applications. These savings are achieved by improving data governance, significantly reducing storage consumption by an average of 70-80%, and keeping compliance atop. This presents a bright opportunity for European businesses to capitalize on DataArchiva’s credibility as a value-add for the Salesforce CRM.

Our top highlights will be putting our ‘trust’ side up for European businesses that favor being more careful about their data in action, whether in Salesforce or with an integrated system that mistreats best practices. 

Before we head to London World Tour 24, in this blog, we’ll peel back the layers of Salesforce data management intricacies for the European data landscape and shed light on how DataArchiva’s state-of-the-art solutions are set to turn the tide for European enterprises. 

GDPR & European Sovereignty in Managing Salesforce Data for Common Good 

Salesforce is a digital window that creates opportunities and broadens the lead activity funnel, but how you manage data sprawl in the backend, relies on your business’s data governance standards. Henceforth, to obstruct any misuse, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) provides guidelines that apply to your Salesforce data to manage it for the common good.

“Salesforce platform we can now possess a unique differentiated data set that gives us almost a crystal ball for our relationship teams. This data empowers us to truly have a conversation, ” explained a Salesforce customer at the main keynote session on AI Day, World Tour London 2023.

World Tour London 2023 | AI Day Keynote | Salesforce

GDPR’s rules demand airtight data privacy and security for EU subjects, making it essential for companies to implement solutions that keep customer information under lock and key. Failing to comply can lead to hefty fines (up to 10 million euros or higher) and a loss of customer trust, so getting it right is crucial.

The problem is not just the sheer number of regulations, but the untuned data integrity in maintaining the complex object relationships in Salesforce and user access logs, for data managed outside Salesforce. To manage the collective data in your Salesforce CRM, platform managers must undergo rigorous training in data handling or hire technical experts, so that you have the necessary knowledge to comply with GDPR. 

The resistance toward available technologies is a nightmare for Indigenous businesses in Europe and those operating in multiple markets, to maintain standards and ease early-stage compliance. Check out this datasheet on GDPR, to learn how DataArchiva is fighting trust challenges to protect Salesforce data under EU subject rights, with its compliance-friendly data management tools.

Data Sovereignty Challenges Persist in European Data Privacy Landscape 

Data sovereignty is the name of the game in Europe, impacting how businesses handle their data. Companies must store and process data within Europe to meet local laws, significantly influencing storage choice and backup solutions to carry data optimization operations outside Salesforce. 

Data residency challenges add another layer of complexity, as businesses must ensure data remains within specific jurisdictions to comply with local regulations. Choosing the right tools can help to address compliance challenges, if you do not want to move the data outside Europe or want to use enterprise frameworks to manage Salesforce data. So, businesses in Europe who are looking to build a hyper-realistic CRM system with Salesforce, want to ensure compliance, safeguard citizens’ data privacy (protected under GDPR), and foster trust with a comprehensive data management solution, can meet us at our next stop, World Tour London 2024, get a live demo of DataArchiva. 

NB: DataArchiva is a cost-savvy comprehensive suite of data management applications for archiving & backup in Salesforce, trusted by 100+ customers, across geographies & industries, including organizations from Fortune 500s, helping them to store, manage & protect org data ensuring 100% ownership, access & control. 

Why Choose DataArchiva for a Comprehensive Salesforce Data Strategy

GDPR might be the toughest data privacy law in the globe, protecting the data rights of European residents, but the problem is that every country has one. Managing regulations can create a mess of complexity if reaching out to a larger consumer market using Salesforce.

“Now we all know one universal truth and that is your AI is only as good as your data but to get a comprehensive data strategy is hard” – From AI Day Keynote, Salesforce Tour London 2023.

Therefore, Salesforce data without a comprehensive data management strategy can weigh down the system performance under the data sprawl. Here’s where DataArchiva for Salesforce, can help to remove the early friction with standard archiving & backup solutions, supporting businesses to follow compliance. Each DataArchiva application has its hero features so users can tailor the data strategy for extended Salesforce data protection or long-term data retention. 

Let’s shed some light on each of DataArchiva’s applications & understand how European businesses can unlock data management success – 

DataArchiva for Native Archiving in Salesforce BigObjects 

Only 100% native archiving application to store historical/less accessed data in Salesforce Big Objects. 

Key Feature Advantages to Meet Compliance:
  • No-code data archival within Salesforce Big Objects without moving out of the Salesforce cloud. 
  • Utilizes the power of big data management to address Salesforce data storage limitations by using BigObjects.
  • Archive data within the Salesforce ecosystem to reduce any external exposure
  • Encryption, access control & visibility protection with capabilities of purging & restore
  • Allows users to choose  the compliance data for retention 
  • Archive Salesforce data based on the required retention period

Are you wondering how DataArchiva can help European businesses? Dive into this DataArchiva success story on how Native Archiving powered by Salesforce Big Objects helped this French luxury brand recover from downgraded Salesforce performance and address data growth challenges.

DataArchiva for External Archiving by Integrating Salesforce with Other Platforms

A data archiving application, where business can bring their own cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku) or use their on-prem infrastructure to archive Salesforce data with 100% ownership & control.

Feature Advantages to Meet Compliance:
  • Empowers businesses with data ownership, substantial scalability, and complete control over the entire data management process
  • Long-term accessibility of the archived data with a complete view of archived data within Salesforce
  • The application also has security features like encryption, access control & visibility protection with capabilities of purging & restoring for businesses to meet data subject rights as per GDPR

Are you curious how DataArchiva leverages platforms like AWS, Azure, and others to utilize on-prem security for external archiving without data residency challenges? Check out this DataArchiva data archiving success story of an info-tech firm to resolve data residency challenges by archiving Salesforce data using their own Azure cloud. 

DataArchiva: Data, File & Metadata Backup for Salesforce 

DataArchiva also provides an easy-to-use data backup & recovery application for Salesforce data, metadata, files & attachments, for perfect insurance for your Salesforce data, metadata,

files & attachments. 

Feature Advantages that you can get from the DataArchiva Backup Application to meet GDPR:

  • Reliable Salesforce backups to prevent data loss due to system failures, accidental deletions, and corruptions.
  • Seamless cross-platform connectivity for secure Salesforce backups on third-party clouds (AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP, etc), avoiding vulnerabilities during integrations and migrations.
  • Data minimisation in retention with flexible backup options enables organizations to minimize and retain only essential Salesforce data.
  • Preserves Salesforce metadata, supporting change management and regulatory compliance with backups.
  • Enforces RBAC, audit trails, and encryption to maintain data integrity and security during backups.
  • Transparency in compliance monitoring & reporting with detailed logs of backup activities, demonstrating compliance with data protection requirements

Along with backups, DataArchiva offers org-to-org seeding for Salesforce to Seed Sandboxes or transmit data from one org to another. Are you new to the concept of org-2-org seeding for Salesforce? Get DataArchiva’s seeding datasheet now. 

GDPR’s strict rules demand airtight data privacy and security measures, making it essential for European companies managing data protected by EU data privacy laws, to implement solutions that keep customer information under lock and key. 

DataArchiva’s Salesforce data management applications are like a well-oiled machine that tackles the complexities of GDPR compliance and the challenges European businesses grapple with in managing and safeguarding their Salesforce data. If you want to elevate your Salesforce data management success, here’s your chance to meet us in person at the ExCel conference in World Tour London. 

We’re excited to be one of the proud sponsors of World Tour London, showcasing our cutting-edge data archive and backup solutions. Join us to see how we redefine data security and efficiency to unlock your data strategy’s full potential. Let’s make waves together, are you ready? 

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