WEBINAR Recap – Salesforce Data Archiving using External Storage Platforms & Databases

The fifth episode of our ongoing Salesforce data management webinar series is now over and we can’t thank you much for the overwhelmed response. In the last session, we had an action-packed 30 mins discussion about Salesforce external data archiving strategies and how leading Salesforce enterprise customers are integrating external storage platforms and databases with Salesforce to store archived data. 

Our Salesforce data management experts talked about multiple aspects of Salesforce data storage including the top data growth sources, patterns, and what are the available options today to address the storage challenges. Then we discussed the external archiving options and what are some of the top challenges & drawbacks that companies are experiencing today. Talking about the challenges, we also highlighted some of the most important external archiving expectations that enterprises have such as seamless data accessibility, security, archived data view as per rules & permissions, restore, search, query, etc.

We introduced DataArchiva’s extended version which is helping Salesforce enterprise customers in setting up external platforms (AWS, Heroku, Azure, etc.) & databases (Postgres, Redshift, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) with the Salesforce CRM to start a seamless archiving job. Talking about some of the top external archiving benefits with DataArchiva, our speakers demonstrated how Salesforce customers can leverage their existing infrastructure by owning the database and drive an enterprise-grade archiving process with complete automation ensuring data integration, schema changes, and 100% accessibility.

During the webinar, we also showcased two use cases of two of the industry leaders from the technology & educational industry and spoke about their specific Salesforce data management challenges and how they addressed those challenges using DataArchiva through a live demo. 

In the end, our Salesforce data management experts explained to our audience the differences & similarities between Salesforce native-level and external archiving and how our flagship solutions are transforming the Salesforce data management ecosystem with an ensured 85%+ storage cost savings, enhanced CRM performance & seamless data accessibility to boost compliance. 

Here is the full recap of the webinar session:

In our next and final episode, we are going to talk about how enterprises can adopt a holistic strategy to optimize their Salesforce data as well as file storage and archive them using a single comprehensive solution. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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