WEBINAR: Salesforce Data Archiving Strategies adopted by Healthcare & Financial Enterprises

The world is going through a difficult time. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted human lives but also businesses and communities. Difficult challenges are all over, but we are committed to run the show. 

#DataArchiva2020WebinarSeries is back with Episode – 3 and we are going to talk about Salesforce data archiving strategies adopted by healthcare & financial enterprises. In our previous episode, we had a great session on data governance for Salesforce, related challenges, use cases and how to drive enterprise-grade governance using DataArchiva. 

Watch the episode – 2 here.

In the upcoming episode on April 15th, we will discuss how some of the top Fortune 500 healthcare & financial service providers are considering data archiving as the best approach to manage their Salesforce data & how DataArchiva is leading the way in helping them ensuring secure data archiving at a native level with easy accessibility. We will also discuss Veeva CRM and how the CRM users can manage their data with a significant cost reduction. 

The webinar will cover the below topics:

  • Understand key archiving challenges using Veeva CRM for HealthCare industry 
  • Understand key data growth parameters for the financial industry 
  • Highlight and showcase how these challenges were mitigated using DataArchiva 
  • See some configuration and implementation exclusively implemented for these industry customers

Considering a high number of registrations & attendees we usually have, it becomes difficult for us to answer everyone’s query during the live webinar. Keeping this in mind and to make sure we address everyone, we have decided to keep a limited number of seats which will be purely on the basis of first-come, first-serve. So, we request you to register for the webinar now.

Webinar Details

Title: Salesforce Data Archiving Strategies adopted by Healthcare & Financial Enterprises
Date: Wednesday, April 15th
Time: 10:30 AM EDT

Register now for the webinar.

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