5 In-App Innovations that Distinguish DataArchiva From Other Salesforce Archiving & Backup Applications

After bringing many firsts, it hardly took us time to push the envelope further and bring new innovations under the roof. We were ‌ rhetoric, impelling distilled effort in building pureplay data management solutions for Salesforce, with the purpose of resolving the data storage challenges.

We identified many business pain points like CRM data growth, accessibility challenges, and additional storage costs that hinder scalability & Salesforce app performance which need to be addressed. As a crucial piece of the puzzle, we introduced DataArchiva as the definitive tool to counter data storage limitations in Salesforce with archiving-as-advantage. 

Further to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, over the past 5 years we have extended the scope of data archiving for Salesforce with 10+ futuristic features. The spree of success has put us in the fast lane, propelling us ahead of our competitors. DataArchiva is now parenting a suite of three data management applications as; Native Data Archiving, External Data Archiving, and Easy Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery Application for Salesforce. 

Following are the differentiators that make DataArchiva a class apart as a data management tool for Salesforce  – 

First Archiving App to Use Salesforce Big Objects 

When all others were busy introducing email sync or other process automation apps, we knew that the new integrations would soon weigh down the app’s performance with a ton of data load. Hence to keep data storage relevant, we proposed archiving the old or less accessed records within Salesforce Big Objects using DataArchiva. It’s the First & ONLY 100% native archiving application for Salesforce and referring to the benefits of ‘new’, DataArchiva gained the first mover’s advantage over other apps, which introduced native archiving products much later in the market. 

Expanding Capacity with External Cloud Archiving

To leapfrog the competition, we managed to expand the capacity of DataArchiva to External Cloud Archiving, where the user can bring any 3rd party cloud and archive the old Salesforce data in their own MY SQL, MS SQL & Postgres databases, without having to pay any extra for Salesforce connector or 3rd party connector apps, and also avoid Salesforce governance limits. This enabled DataArchiva to have a much broader base of customers, and with its robust archiving capabilities, DataArchiva is now the go-to archiving app for Salesforce, giving users the flexibility to access and store their data based on how they want in the most cost-effective way.

Experience Automated Salesforce Data Archiving with DataArchiva

The All New Robust Archiving App 

Initially, the DataArchiva external cloud archiving app was built with the thought of supporting 3rd party cloud archiving for ‌Salesforce users. To cater to the demand, on-premise data archiving was the new addition. After being tested for multiple use cases it was proven that DataArchiva has the fastest initial offloading speed with the processing capability to migrate about 1M records within 100 minutes.

Moreover, DataArchiva’s resilient design ensures seamless operations and can cater to archiving for the most complex orgs with the most critical Salesforce data archiving challenges, without crashing or degrading ‌CRM performance. Its strong architecture can process multiple archiving tasks without crashing or compromising the user experience, making DataArchiva an exception among others. 

DataArchiva For Data, Metadata, Files & Attachments Backup

From long-term data retention to data protection, DataArchiva has now set a precedent with its new Backup Application. The goal is to restore similar ease & feel for the customers with seamless in-app features to take live backups of Salesforce data, metadata, files, and attachments in S3, SharePoint, or Server by leveraging external cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, & GCP) or on-premise platform.  Click here to explore. 

Archives & Backups Salesforce Data With 100% Control, View & Access 

We believe that transparency in data services is of utmost importance. Businesses and individuals alike entrust their data assets to us, expecting a high level of transparency throughout the entire data lifecycle. That’s why DataArchiva offers 100% Data View, Access & control over the archived or backup data from the Salesforce CRM so that the users can be more confident knowing that data is handled responsibly and used for the intended purposes.

On the overarching shift of thoughts & innovation, DataArchiva is living evidence of paradigm innovations leading to significant advancements that can reshape the Salesforce ecosystem in the niche of data management. If you want to be a part of the agility in Salesforce Data management, archive & back up your data with DataArchiva. Contact us today!

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DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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