Meet BaAr: DataArchiva’s New Archive Amphibian & Your Salesforce Data Croakavist

Hi I am Terra Fern, from Surf Club, introducing DataArchiva’s new Star Surfer BaAr !

I am reporting live from this Season’s Sunburn from data downtown, to capture some ribbing maneuvers as BaAr rides the data ocean. 

Let’s hear some more from Sam, BaAr’s new Image Consultant assigned by DataArchiva.

Terra: “Hi Sam, this is Terra. Would like to share some ribbiting news about DataArchiva’s new star Surfer?”

Sam: “Sure! This year we are launching BaAr for this season’s Sunburn to silence the roar of this deep Salesforce data ocean.”

Terra: “Daring! So, where did you find him?”

Sam: “He belongs to the Hawaiian Islands, from a sea-faring Community of Salesforce Data Croakavists. I spotted him while he was pulling out a perfect hang-ten on his surfboard, I instantly knew he was the one! I tell you the data fam is going to gaga when he shoots the curl.”

Terra: “Holly Molly! That’s impressive! The name sounds a little unusual though, does it have some hidden meaning ?”

Sam: “See!  You got the catch, Terra! The ‘Ba’ is for ‘Backup & ‘Ar’ is for Archiving, BaAr represents the main rhythms to balance any turbulence in the Salesforce data ocean, hence BaAr”

Terra: “Suits well! Thank you so much, Sam, for opening up to our data fam! Can’t wait to see BaAr hit the high tide. Hey, Data fam! Turn your heads to the display to check out BaAr on high strength!” 


Infographic : Some Ribbiting Facts About BaAr: The Archive Amphibian


BaAr has some blazing stats! All who are catching us live stay tuned and spectators please pull back and pick your spot, to watch your Salesforce data croakavist catch the waves.  

Do you ‌too want to become a Data Surfing Ninja like BaAr? 

Whether you are a kook or a grum in archiving or backing up Salesforce data, DataArchiva can ‌help you glide through the waters. Get trained by BaAr, and become your own archiving boss to ride the data waves at any location. 

Choose your surfboard (aka cloud platforms like AWS, Heroku, Azure, GCP or On-premise) and select a database destination and that’s it. DataArchiva will arrange a training session with BaAR for your Salesforce data-heavy zones. 

Moreover, its Surf Club is approved!  Why wait? Book a slot and contact DataArchiva’s data experts today!

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