Gain 100% Control Over Your Salesforce Data Archives with DataArchiva

Are you ready to take your sales success to the next level? In today’s competitive business landscape, owning and controlling your Salesforce data is crucial for achieving maximum sales success.

But, with the vast amount of data being generated and stored, it can be challenging to harness its power effectively. With Salesforce setting standards for storage usage, keeping old data maintained and optimized along with live information inflows can be challenging & costly.

That’s where we come in. In this guide, we will show you how we are spending our data expertise on DataArchiva to cook up the best built-in features for the application as you send Salesforce data to its respective archives. 

When it comes to Salesforce,  data security and reliability intertwine in a well-architected system, ensuring trust and uptime. And so have we, in protecting your data-at-rest while you archive your old/less accessed data with DataArchiva.

This prohibits redundant users from ‌getting direct access to archived data, also making sure that no one supersedes the rights, by restricting the archived ‌data’s access, control & view, without owned/personalized permissions.  Hence, assuring credibility to ensure 100% control & ownership over your enterprise-generated/owned data. 

Let’s know how.

Taking Ownership of Data 

Prioritizing data ownership contributes to maintaining high data quality, establishing accountability, enhancing data security, and facilitating efficient data governance. This, in turn, leads to better business outcomes,  improved customer relationships, and compliance with data protection rules while considering data management strategies like data archiving or backup solutions for your historic data in Salesforce. 

Business Impact on prioritizing data. ownership

Set Your Own Priorities For Your Data

Every enterprise has different Salesforce objects that influence data growth. Whether you are generating data from your Sales Cloud or Service Cloud app or from your external apps, it’s all your calls that you want to archive. 

NB: This is to duly note that DataArchiva strictly follows ethical data practices, where Your Salesforce data is never exposed to our platform or to any unauthorized parties, preventing any migration risk to its destined archival and risk-free archiving of your Salesforce data. 

Having Customized Archiving Plans

By customizing archiving plans to fit the specific needs of individual businesses, they can more efficiently and effectively manage their data, leading to better outcomes for the business and stronger customer relationships while helping to ensure that all of these objectives are met effectively and efficiently.

DataArchiva entails more than the best Salesforce data archiving experience and gives 100% control over how you want to archive. What’s more is that, you can set-up your Salesforce to run the archiving jobs monthly or yearly, to automatically run the processes in the backend. Using DataArchiva you can align with your compliance needs or industry verticals,  you can set up your own archiving with better flexibility & control.

Own Multiple Archives of the Same Data 

For example, if you need to store emails for both compliance and legal purposes, you can set up separate archives for each purpose right from your Salesforce org. With DataArchiva, you can run multiple archiving processes all at once without slowing down your Salesforce system.

Get 100% View & Access Of Your Salesforce Data Archives

Other than handling multiple archiving jobs, you can access & view your archived records right inside your Salesforce app. Plus, DataArchiva offers a search experience and allows you to find old & archived records faster whenever you need to restore it back to your live org from data archives. 

Bring ‌Data Back to Live From Archives – On Your Own

It’s your cloud, your database, and your archives. Therefore, it’s your call when you want your Salesforce data back to your live org. Let’s say you urgently need a piece of information that you have in your archives; all you need to do is to search for the record, select it, and click on restore. DataArchiva instantly responds to your call to get it live. 

DataArchiva’s compliance management features are especially beneficial to businesses that are subject to stringent regulations. With Encryption Feature, choose to encrypt confidential records with the most advanced AES256. The Access Control feature allows you to regulate who or what can view or access your Salesforce data archives within your organization.

Well, this is not the end. Counting all the above, DataArchiva has 15+ features for ease of data management and delivers improved performance than other archiving applications in Salesforce. And here is why

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