DataArchiva is now compatible with US Government Cloud, GDPR, and Salesforce Shield

As data has become a cornerstone for most of the industries; archiving or securing data is no longer an option, but a necessity. Companies today are tested with the need to get the most use out of their business data while being compliant with data regulations.

It has been an exciting last few months for DataArchiva. After going live in the AppExchange few months back and quickly grabbing many eyeballs, the application is now regularly adding new features and functionalities into its array of offerings. The recent Gartner listing in their market guide was a huge boost for DataArchiva and soon they added three more feathers in their cap. Now the only Salesforce native data archiving solution, ‘DataArchiva’ is compatible to work with US Government Cloud, GDPR, and Salesforce Shield.

As you know, DataArchiva which comes with great features and robust functionalities offers a structured data archiving solution along with significantly reduced data storage cost (up to 80% cost saving), hassle-free UI experience, analytics on archived data, and compliance, has become one of the most preferred archiving solutions when it comes to Salesforce data. By addressing critical challenges like data archiving, compliance, security, and retention, so far DataArchiva has been able to offer a complete solution to multiple customer pain points. The recent compatibility with US Gov Cloud, Salesforce Shield, and GDPR will help DataArchiva offer the next level of data trust, security, transparency, compliance, and governance. This will extend its capabilities by aligning with the Salesforce platform in a more integrated way.

DataArchiva: Now ready to work with US Government Cloud

In 2012, Salesforce launched its own multi-tenant instance of, called the Government Cloud, which was dedicated and primarily built to meet federal government security standards. If we see functionality wise, the solutions offered under the Gov Cloud by Salesforce is pretty much same that is for commercial customers, however, this enables government agencies more efficiently build or use applications to better connect with other agencies, employees, and citizens. This also allows them to share best practices and apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, reducing redundancy and adhering to higher security standards.

Gov Cloud is compliant with FedRAMP, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, a government-wide program that offers a standardized security approach for cloud services and solutions. So, after being US Gov Cloud ready, DataArchiva is now fulfilling all the norms of security standards and proved to protect federal data safety and retention. This makes DataArchiva one of the most secure and trusted data archiving solution. DataArchiva supports all the federal government data security norms and works subsequently. As soon as, DataArchiva labeled as a Gov Cloud Ready application, it bagged it’s first US Government client as Department of Labor of Connecticut State.

It is always great to receive a note of appreciation from your client. After a successful implementation, this is what the client said about DataArchiva;

Great App to Save on Data Storage Costs + Great Teamwork!

“As a Government entity, data security and compliance were two of the biggest challenges for us. As our Salesforce data continues to increase in volume (seven-year retention requirement), we were looking for a Government Cloud certified archiving service provider. DataArchiva met our stringent & complex requirements by offering a secure data archiving solution. The team behind DataArchiva is resourceful & skilled. Their rate of response is fantastic. “

Amer Hyat Khan
Department of Labor of Connecticut State

DataArchiva: Now ready to work with Salesforce Shield

Salesforce rolled out Salesforce Shield in mid-2015 as a security tool which can be used by admins and developers to insert security and transparency in business applications. This included Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, Transaction Security and Field Audit Trail. Salesforce Shield was introduced to eliminate the data security concerns that used to be stored on private servers or cloud. While Salesforce has always followed good practices in order to protect data security in the cloud, Shield is one step ahead by offering an additional layer of security in order to meet compliance regulations.

If your organization is using Salesforce Shield, then DataArchiva is now compatible to work with it. By periodically archiving your infrequently used data, DataArchiva within your Salesforce Shield org will offer the highest level of data security. This will be beneficial for industries like Healthcare, BFSI, Government & Public Sector, Manufacturing & Media  who deals with a lot of sensitive data and needs to store it for a long period of time. As DataArchiva is a native solution, it can be aligned with Salesforce technologies like Shield very well and offer quick benefits. As both Shield and DataArchiva are admin-friendly, you hardly need any customizations.

DataArchiva for GDPR

As you know, GDPR is the latest regulation on data protection for personal data across Europe. Replacing the earlier 1995 EU guidelines on data protection, this modern and agile regulation for all EU member states, address data protection in various significant areas. The GDPR aims primarily to give the control back to European citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

DataArchiva is based on the use cases around data protection and governance. As a truly native application, your data will be as secure as it was before, as it won’t leave your Salesforce ecosystem. With DataArchiva, you can archive or backup your business data as well as customer data for a long period of time for compliance purpose. Based on a complete DIY model, you can have all the control over your data without any third party intervention. DataArchiva will accelerate your compliance with GDPR by helping you save, govern, retrieve, and manage data effectively with a top-notch security layer.

Final Thoughts

Archiving your data in order to save storage space, automate compliance and governance requirements and improve application performance is a must-do as sources of data growth in Salesforce is numerous. Choosing the right archiving strategy and least complex application becomes really important. DataArchiva enables hassle-free data archival and retrieval with up to 80% of storage cost reduction, performance enhancement, alignment with Salesforce platform and a bunch of other groundbreaking benefits.  As the only native application so far, it is highly scalable, secure, instantly accessible, and analytical. The recent advancements in the application have made it more robust. Targeting this year’s Dreamforce, DataArchiva is aiming to position itself as the #1 data archiving solution in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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