From Native to Cloud: The Evolutionary Shift of DataArchiva in Salesforce Data Archiving

We proudly admit that DataArchiva never had to wrestle with a Darwinian struggle for its existence. Because, it was an early bird in the Salesforce ecosystem, to offer data archiving fixes to curb Salesforce storage management challenges. And, its unabated entry into the field of Salesforce data archiving is still rewarding DataArchiva with double-edged success.

Our single & simple pivot was to come up with a data management product that works for all, with futuristic features that are agile and ahead of time, and we conceived DataArchiva. 

In succession to XfilesPro, DataArchiva was the first CEPTES-born data product to enter the Salesforce enterprise cloud app market. In 2018 it was listed on AppExchange as the first & only native archiver to use BigObjects storage for archiving Salesforce data.  It was enough to disrupt the market and arm the evolutionary race. In a year or two, the application extended archiving help to ‌ top Salesforce customers in optimizing their Salesforce data storage space and is still expanding its user base with pride.

DataArchiva – The First

Like a true ‌Salesforce promise, BigObjects was launched to store & process data at scales of billions of records. But, with DataArchiva,  Big Objects just found a greater purpose. As its arrival marked the beginning of a new era where enterprises can archive their old business data with Salesforce BigObjects, without having to pay extra charges for additional data storage space. 

In aligning top Salesforce users to participate in ‘archiving as the solution’, the CRM lacked a robust archiving tool to bypass the query search complexity of BigObjects. And, by the time it was launched, the Salesforce community was delighted to welcome an archiving product like DataArchiva that’s easy to integrate & can archive data in BigObjects in a matter of seconds. 

Benefits of Archiving with BigObjects

DataArchiva disrupted the practice by challenging the traditional approach of buying additional data storage with a seamless tool to ‘Archive-on-the-go’. This helped to better accommodate the data surplus in Salesforce while spending less on additional storage costs and not running into data storage limits. Marking a milestone in assisting businesses to grow at full capacity using Salesforce CRM, without growing on data.

Perks Vs Benefits of Native Archiving for Salesforce

In the perpetual quest for optimizing business processes and maximizing efficiency, native archiving with Salesforce BigObjects strikes the age-old debate of perks vs benefits. There are unique advantages and practical gains that come with implementing DataArchiva’s native archiving application for Salesforce that sweeten the deal. As in native archiving, the archived data exists within the Salesforce cloud, and it comes with an immediate allure ‌-

Faster Implementation: Possibly has the shortest setup time; once installed, and configured, it begins archiving your data almost immediately.

Assured Archival Security: As the data never leaves the Salesforce Systems, compliance-driven firms can store customer data within Salesforce itself, without the data exposing it externally

US Gov-Cloud Ready: Designed to archive government data with regulated archiving schedulers, to address the most stringent U.S. government security & compliance

Storage-cost Optimization: When using Salesforce Big Objects there is no need to pay storage charges for the archived data until one has crossed a billion records mark.

Native Archiving | Salesfroce Data | DataArchiva

DataArchiva’s in-app capabilities match all the walks of data archiving needs for Salesforce, from intelligent storage management to archiving data for compliance brilliance, making DataArchiva’s native archiving capabilities a recommended approach for compliance-driven firms. 

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Yet, we believe that the benefits of an archiving application also depend on facilities that can support your Salesforce CRM with long-term growth & success. Hence, mirroring the robust archiving features of DataArchiva’s native archiving application, we expanded the app’s capabilities by introducing an external cloud archiving engine to cater to Salesforce customers with a unique archiving approach. 

Expanding Capabilities With External Cloud: Evolution in Action

DataArchiva’s external cloud archiving app for Salesforce rewarded ‌customers with some tantalizing benefits. A true sustainable progress where customers can now bring their own ‌ 3rd party cloud platforms like AWS, Heroku, Azure, or GCP & set up an archiving task with DataArchiva. In contrast to native archiving where the archives were held in Salesforce BigObjects storage, external cloud archiving allows enterprises to leverage their own MSSQL, MySQL, and Postgres databases to archive Salesforce data. 

Transcribing the evolutionary path, DataArchivia’s external cloud archiving app resolved a myriad of data archiving challenges for Salesforce by:

Significant Storage Cost Reduction: archiving in the enterprise’s own database exempts from buying additional Salesforce data storage charges

Seamless 3rd Cloud Connectivity With Zero Connector Costs: seamlessly moving Salesforce data to an external database without a connector

Faster Migration of Large Volume Data at Once: ensuring the fastest data processing speed (10M-14M Records/Day), hence faster data transfers

Real-time Data Visualization: enables live reporting on Salesforce data using advanced BI analytics like Tableau & PoweBI

Improved Search Performance: Improved Search Performance: users can quickly search through archived data, ensuring a seamless user experience

Complete data control, view & access: data archived in the external database can still be viewed & accessed from Salesforce, with permissions

Ease & Flexibility Of An Archiving Scheduler: making the process of archiving more manageable and flexible, providing users the control they need over the archiving task

Top-Notch Archive Data Security: utilizes the most advanced encryption standards, such as AES 256 to secure the archived data at SQL or Postgres level

Seamless Compliance: define any archiving criteria and retain data, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and internal data retention needs

External Cloud Data Archiving Application | Salesforce | DataArchiva

The Futuristic Outlook

Besides addressing three specific scenarios, archiving, auditing & tracking, and 360° view of the customer, DataArchiva has 15+ futuristic archiving features that cater to diverse business needs and pave the way for an optimized data management journey. These advanced features empowered organizations to unlock the true potential of their Salesforce data, ensuring compliance, improving performance, and enabling comprehensive insights for smarter decision-making.  

Expanding Capabilities Beyond Archiving 

Addressing different users with different utilities; DataArchiva has expanded its capacities to on-premise data archiving. Now it’s a part of the External Archiving wing of DataArchiva, introduced for businesses who wish to keep their data secure on their own locally hosted systems. Therefore, enterprise-wide archiving flexibility to manage data expansion across all Salesforce platforms. 

Adding on to the diversity, DataArchiva houses a data backup application that offers ‌ automated backup processes that safeguard critical Salesforce data from accidental deletions, data corruption, system failures, or any unforeseen events. DataArchiva’s backup application also comes with a choice of storage like SharePoint, S3, and servers, to backup ‌ all Salesforce data right from standard/custom objects, and metadata, using AWS, Azure, GCP, and Heroku cloud. 

Over the years, DataArchiva has come up with many firsts and in its 5th year of Celebrating #DataArchiversary, it’s awaiting a ton of new releases with an exciting new UI to transform your archiving experience for Salesforce. If you too want to be a part of the change, stay agile with DataArchiva, Salesforce data archiving & backup. 

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