DataArchiva: More than your Best Salesforce Archiving Experience

If you are running your business on the world’s #1 CRM platform Salesforce, then you must be aware of the fact that data growth in Salesforce is inevitable if not managed properly. Leading business enterprises are implementing a future-proof data archival strategy to manage their Salesforce data storage better by optimizing the internal app storage & keeping their inactive data in some secondary cold storage system.

Over the years, Salesforce data archive has evolved significantly & companies are striving to get the best out of their archived data to obtain maximum ROI. An ideal Salesforce data management platform offers more than just archiving the unused data & DataArchiva has been doing the same for Salesforce customers with its next-gen capabilities.

Before we learn more about how our best-in-class Salesforce data archiving solution DataArchiva takes the whole archiving experience on Salesforce to a whole new level, let’s understand why Salesforce customers need an archiving solution in the first place.

Accelerating their journey to success with complete control over the data

In today’s data-driven digital environment, business enterprises often look to achieve data success on Salesforce without compromising on certain aspects such as data accessibility, system performance, security, transparency, analytics & compliance. Due to the in-app storage limitations in Salesforce & high additional storage costs, the problem even gets deeper when you use multiple Salesforce apps (Sales, Service, Custom) and 3rd-party AppExchange solutions which cumulatively generate a sheer volume of data. Though the challenges are endless, archiving a large chunk of the data that are not being actively required seems to be the only sustainable solution.

Data growth in Salesforce


Staying compliant without spending on additional storage costs

With an increasing number of data management policies across the globe such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, FDA, FedRAMP, etc., it is becoming a necessity for almost every service provider to retain their customer data to meet certain regulatory compliance demands. Keeping all the data for a long period of time within the Salesforce system becomes impossible considering the limited allocated storage. And here archiving seems to be the only option where data can be retained in secondary storage.

The necessity of a top-performing Salesforce app

Unmanaged data growth in Salesforce not only takes a hit at cost & retention needs but also having a lot of data in the live instance often makes the app slow. In a work-from-anywhere & ever-increasing customer demand world, using a slow sales or service app can directly impact the top-line of any business. Slow data loading & longer search result time will ultimately affect productivity & no one wants that. Using a highly optimized Salesforce sales or service app is something that every company looks for & an enterprise-grade archiving strategy delivers the same with an optimized system.

Now as you understand the role & importance of archiving data in Salesforce, let’s have a sneak peek of DataArchiva & how the Salesforce archiving solution is helping business enterprises transform their data storage needs.

How DataArchiva is different from other Salesforce Archiving Solutions?

DataArchiva is a one of its kind solution that allows Salesforce customers to do more with their data, even after archiving. The solution helps in not only moving data from Salesforce to any external database using any cloud or on-prem platform but also allows business enterprises to tap optimum ROI from their archived data. Let’s have a quick look at the leading AppExchange data archiver’s capabilities.


The luxury of choosing your own Cloud/On-prem platform & any major database

DataArchiva allows the customers to choose their own external platform that they want to integrate with Salesforce to store the archived data in their choice of database (Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, Redshift, Oracle). What makes the solution exceptional & unique is that the data movement can happen from Salesforce to the external platform without using any additional integration tool. Also, DataArchiva is one of the few archiving solutions available today that supports both external Cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP) & On-prem storage platforms. 



The lightning-fast initial data offloading

Do you already have terabytes of data or millions of records in your Salesforce app which is making data management & system performance weak? Thinking about how to archive those to your external system without losing any data or object relationships? DataArchiva has the fastest data processing capability & it can migrate up to 1M records within 100 minutes. This also makes DataArchiva the fastest archiving solution available for Salesforce.

The magic of the in-built pull process

The advanced pull process of DataArchiva performs the archiving job without using much of the Salesforce resources. This enables customers to experience seamless business continuity without impacting any of their critical business processes. Plus, as most of the archiving activities are happening at the external server-side, there won’t be any impact on Salesforce governance limits while processing a massive volume of data.

The ROI that you would love to have

With a faster deployment process and super quick setup, customers can start getting the benefits out of DataArchiva from day one. Apart from helping you save over 90% storage costs, if you calculate the ROI on your overall implementation, it will be more than 5x. The more data you archive, the more ROI you will get.

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The ability to access & restore data

Though the archived data resides in external databases, customers can still view the archived records within Salesforce. No hassles; an unimpacted user experience. The quick restoration option allows customers to move back the archived records from the external database to Salesforce live instance without impacting complex object relationships or data integrity.

The global search capability

DataArchiva offers a better & faster search option to find your archived records without any hassle. This makes the archiving experience more prolific as the customer will have more control over their data & can access any data at any point in time.

Last but not the least, the powerful reporting capability

Looking to generate highly customized & powerful reports from your business data? DataArchiva allows Salesforce customers to integrate any external BI tool such as Tableau, Power BI with their Salesforce system to generate reports by connecting both live & archived data.

Long-term data retention for regulatory compliance

Set your own retention period to keep all your compliance data in Salesforce without losing data accessibility. As a platform, DataArchiva won’t hold any customer data, so there won’t be any changes in the object relationships or data integrity. Highly regulated industries can optimize their data compliance process by effortlessly meeting external data compliance & internal data retention policies.

Owning your critical business data

As DataArchiva allows customers to leverage their own external platform & database, you can have complete control over your business data. This also allows customers to scale up or down their servers to meet archival needs.

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In today’s digital environment, where data is considered as one of the key enablers for any business, having the right data management strategy is imminent. DataArchiva has been the first choice data management partner for many top Salesforce customers because of its exceptional data management capabilities & next-gen in-built & additional features. Apart from DataArchiva External Archiving application, we also offer native data archiving services to Salesforce customers through our flagship solution DataArchiva which is one of the most popular applications in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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