DataConnectiva vs. Custom Built Archiving Solutions: What’s Best for Salesforce Data Archiving?

In the new accelerated era of digitalization, business enterprises are entirely data-driven in order to achieve a competitive edge and optimize their critical business processes like sales & service. Data is playing a big role in allowing enterprises to make well-informed business decisions based on facts, numbers & trends prompted by Customer 360. However, to make your data push your business, you need to have an efficient data management strategy that is sustainable & future-ready. Salesforce, as a cloud enabler helps enterprises achieve critical business goals highly driven by data.

Considering the exponential data boom, managing data within a Salesforce cloud application is challenging as the Salesforce offered data storage is limited & buying additional storage space is highly expensive. Adopting a powerful data management strategy with the right archiving system in order to optimize the storage is the only viable option in order to control data growth & get rid of challenges related to high storage costs, performance, and long-term retention for regulatory compliance.

While implementing an archiving strategy for efficient data management in Salesforce, enterprises often have two options to choose from. Either they build an archiving solution in-house or they go for any 3rd-party archiving solutions readily available on the AppExchange. Choosing the right approach largely depends on the archiving needs & how to tap the maximized ROI from the implementation. Here is where our enterprise-grade data archiving solution for Salesforce DataArchiva can really take the archiving experience on Salesforce to a whole new level with its unmatched capabilities. Let’s have a quick comparison between DataArchiva and any custom-built Salesforce archiving solution.

Salesforce Data Archive: DataArchiva Vs Custom Solution 

A Modern Approach for Maximized ROI

When it comes to archiving data in Salesforce, there are basically two phases; Before Archiving & During/After Archiving. In order to make the archiving of data seamless and give you the best results, it is very much essential to have a clear roadmap.

Before starting the archiving job, there are a few aspects to consider including understanding the need (cold or active archiving), identifying which data (records) to archive, identifying the archive location (secondary storage), and how to integrate the external platform with Salesforce. Similarly, during the archiving job or after the records get archived, there are a few aspects to consider including how to do the initial data offloading to immediately free up storage space, the ability to access, view, and search the archived data, the ability to restore back the data to the production whenever required, preserving the data integrity and object relationships even after archiving and much more.

Considering all these important aspects, it is difficult for a custom-built solution to offer all these capabilities in order to make the archiving fully functional and get maximized ROI. On the other hand, DataArchiva is a highly powerful & flexible archiving solution that is built to meet any archiving need on Salesforce with its next-gen capabilities. Business enterprises are tapping over 10X ROI from their archiving setup investment with DataArchiva.


Archiving is not always a one-time job when you deal with a massive volume of data. To make the life easy of a Salesforce admin or the related stakeholders, it is always good to have a few efficient features in the platform to save time and effort.

Building a customized archiving solution along with some additional features is not an easy task. You need to ensure that the application is secure and compliant as it will be processing sensitive data at times. Without having powerful features, a custom solution won’t be able to work in an efficient way and won’t be able to address multiple use cases.

DataArchiva not only offers basic archiving features like automated archiving, API-based archiving, on-demand archiving, encryption, data integrity, support for both external cloud/on-premise platforms and major databases (MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, Oracle), large data migration (initial off-loading), etc., but also go beyond archiving with its additional capabilities such as data search, restoration, view within Salesforce UI, reporting by integrating external BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, etc.


Cost is one of the most important factors while comparing a custom-built archiving solution for Salesforce with DataArchiva.

When you build a solution from the scratch, various costs related to resources, internal infrastructure, external hardware, development, maintenance have to be incurred. Not only this is going to be a one-time investment, once the data volume increases, the cost is also bound to increase.

On the other hand, DataArchiva is not only going to be way too less expensive, but also it will help you achieve 10X ROI from the archiving investment. With DataArchiva, you will get the liberty to choose your own Cloud/On-premise platform to archive data from Salesforce and also use your own database to keep the archived records. Based on the requirement, you can always scale up or down your server. There won’t be any additional cost involved such as maintenance.

Time and Effort

It is a proven fact that implementing an archiving solution at an early stage can help enterprises control their data growth and mitigate the detrimental effects due to this high data volume.

A highly robust and scalable custom-made solution, that can seamlessly handle the huge volume of Salesforce data, usually takes several months or even years of effort to get ready, tested, and finally implemented.

In comparison to it, the promptly available solution like DataArchiva is both time-saving and effort-efficient. Once configured, customized, and implemented in the Salesforce Org, this solution will start archiving your data from the very first minute & you will also start getting the ROI from day one.


Salesforce Roadmap Alignment

It is extremely important for archiving solutions to be fully aligned with the current Salesforce platform as well as its rapidly evolving ecosystem.

In the majority of the cases, custom-made archiving solutions have various limitations which prevent them from completely aligning with the Salesforce platform.

On the other hand, DataArchiva is completely aligned with the Salesforce platform and its future roadmaps. With a team of efficient Salesforce Platform experts, this highly scalable solution is fully equipped to meet critical business objectives. The solution supports Salesforce Cloud (Sales, Service, Pardot, Community, etc.), 3rd-party AppExchange solutions, and also custom apps built on the platform.

Security and Accessibility

Data security is another major concern when it comes to dealing with sensitive data.

Due to various limitations, most custom-built archiving solutions can’t guarantee the highest levels of data security and seamless accessibility.

Whereas DataArchiva is a highly secure and GDPR compliant data archiving application for Salesforce that also guarantees 100% data accessibility. As users can view the archived data right from the Salesforce UI, it becomes easy to access the data without any hassle. Plus, the solution also offers an encryption-at-rest feature to add that additional layer of data security.

With the introduction of data archiving, managing the Salesforce data storage as well as keeping track of its growth has become easy and cost-effective. Enterprises need to have the right strategies and a long-term strategy while choosing the most convenient data archiving platform for their Salesforce CRM. In order to make an appropriate decision while making this choice, few aspects like business aspects, technical aspects, and costs factors need to be considered.

With DataArchiva, enterprises can leverage both external cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku) or on-premise platforms to archive data from Salesforce to their choice of external database such as Postgres, Redshift, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, etc. Our one of its kind archiving platform for Salesforce not only allows enterprises to archive their data in order to optimize the storage, performance & compliance but also helps them achieve a 10X+ ROI. To know more, please get in touch.


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