‘Dreamforce to You 2020’ For Everyone, from anywhere: Get...Set...Go

Trailblazers all around the world have been eagerly awaiting the announcement about the biggest B2B Cloud festival of the year. And now it’s finally here. This year, Dreamforce is going to be a whole new experience and it is coming to you.. to your city.. to your home. Salesforce leaders from around the globe will meet one more time, although in the virtual fashion. Even as the entire world grapples with pandemic restrictions, the learning, fun, and innovation of the event will not stop and we are all set to be part of it again.

A Completely Personalized Dreamforce 2020 

Starting from 9th November, Dreamforce 2020 will have a good deal of high-level personalized meetings that will bring to light the growing importance of Customer 360 and how the platform can be tailored to meet the business needs. During these personalized meetings, Salesforce experts will stress upon the inter-connection among different departments that offers a single source of truth and enables organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences from anywhere. 

The Inspirational Keynote: Yet Another Benioff Show

In accordance with the Dreamforce tradition, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff will also address the Dreamforce attendees on 3rd December. Accompanied by various special guests, Benioff will share inspirational stories of learning and success of Salesforce users in this challenging year. He will also talk about the role of new-age digital innovations like Salesforce Customer 360 in transforming enterprises everywhere. This keynote will also celebrate the success of Trailblazers in a new work-from-anywhere world. 

DreamTX 2020: The First Ever

The entire Salesforce Ohana will come together starting 15th December for the first ever DreamTX event dedicated to all-round learning with tailored content, insightful demos, and innovative luminary sessions. For a period of four days till 18th December, DreamTX will offer insights to users from every line of business and every industry. The event will also discuss the success stories of how companies performed during the pandemic and the growing power of Salesforce Customer 360, with fun-filled performances by some surprise guests. 

Dreamforce Over the Years for CEPTES Software

Surely Dreamforce has been pretty eventful and wonderful for us over the years. It was the Dreamforce event of 2018 when we introduced DataArchiva and today, after two years, it is the #1 and the ONLY Native data archiving solution for Salesforce. Several Fortune 100 companies use the solution to manage their data growth in Salesforce due to DataArchiva’s enterprise-grade data management capabilities. 

And then in the Dreamforce event of 2019, we launched yet another flagship solution DataConnectiva which facilitates external data archiving. Within a year, we have several customers who use DataConnectiva to store their Salesforce data in various external databases securely with 100% accessibility. As a regular Dreamforce attendee, we have taken part in various customer success expos where we showcased our flagship solutions.

Dreamforce to You with DataArchiva

DataArchiva’s team is all geared up for the biggest cloud carnival of the year. As we will be actively participating in ‘Dreamforce to You 2020’, we will bring you all the live action, news, and announcements about the event. Don’t forget to stay tuned for some amazing product announcements on DataArchiva that will transform your data management needs in Salesforce. 

The BIG Bombshell

After DataArchiva in 2018 and then DataConnectiva in 2019, everyone was wondering what’s next? As we had been introducing new products for the last two Dreamforces, this year should have been no different. With steady product innovation even in the time of COVID 19, we are all set to introduce another solution that will enable us to address end-to-end data management requirements for Salesforce customers. With efficient data archiving options, both native and external, in place we proudly present our enterprise data backup solution for Salesforce. Stay tuned for more updates.

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