Things Not to Do at Dreamforce

We are less than a week away from the biggest Salesforce event & trailblazers from around the globe can’t wait to celebrate Dreamforce as it is turning 20 this year. We are certain that most of you have either already reached San Francisco or must be lacing your shoes for the epic journey to begin. 

Dreamforce is one of a kind event that really transforms the way we do business, learn, connect & celebrate. There are a bunch of things to do when you are at Moscone campground during the event, however, in this blog, we are going to talk about a few things that you should not do if you are planning to attend Dreamforce this year.

Don’t Arrive Late

When you’re at Dreamforce, every minute is important. So make sure you are not arriving late. If possible collect your badges & finish up the registration formalities a day before (Sep 19th), so that you can avoid last-minute hassles at the entry gate & jump into Moscone campground without any delays. You can’t miss the keynote.

Don’t Go without an Agenda

If you are going to Dreamforce without having a detailed agenda, this could be the biggest blunder that you can make. Dreamforce is a massive event and there will be a lot of things happening at the same time. Go through the list of sessions before, make a note of the things that you want to be a part of, schedule 1-1 meetings before, save time to visit sponsor booths, keep regular break times in between, and list out the speaker sessions, and don’t miss out on networking. 

Don’t Overbook Yourself

Dreamforce is a three-day event, so keep your energy intact for all three days. You can’t be a part of everything. Remember, quality is always better than quantity. So never overbook yourself. Check the session timings properly & prepare your wishlist wisely. Don’t attend back-to-back sessions as that will take out a lot of energy from you. Meanwhile, it is always a better idea to have light meals or snacks as you need to walk a lot within the Moscone campground. Try to attend meetups rather than getting yourself into sponsor parties. Meetups will really help you grow your knowledge as well as network.

Don’t Overpack 

It is not a good plan to take a lot of stuff with you. You can’t walk all day carrying heavy packs. Avoid taking laptops (iPads are recommended) & chargers (you will find those on-site) if possible. We highly recommend that you wear the most comfortable shoes, carry a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated all day, and always have a notebook. In a conference like Dreamforce where you will see 100000+ people, at times you won’t get proper internet connectivity due to heavy load. A notebook will be super handy to keep a note of important things, sessions, meeting details, etc. Keep a good number of visiting cards. 

Don’t Shy Away to Say ‘Hello’

Dreamforce is all about reuniting with the Ohana, once a year. The amount of knowledge & inspiration you will find during the event will change your life for good. So don’t shy away from meeting people and exchanging knowledge. Those short conversations are invaluable. You may not get another opportunity to meet the same people again. If you want to have a word with any particular partner, customer, or person, don’t rush. Wait for the peak hours to end. 

Don’t Waste Time in Finding Swags

Dreamforce is an opportunity to learn new things and explore future innovations. When you are at sponsor booths, keep your eyes on the products, innovations, and demos. Those will certainly help you improve your knowledge and might help your business to grow. Swags and goodies will run out within no time. So if you want a better ROI from your Dreamforce experience, invest your time wisely.

Don’t Stand in Long Queues

When you see long queues outside of the session halls, try to avoid getting in, unless & until you really want to attend that particular session. You will find the recording of the sessions. Time management is key during such a big event. It is okay to skip a few sessions. Energy saving is extremely important. 

This will be our 10th Dreamforce. As regular attendees of the event, we have a little bit of experience in what to do and what not to do during the event in order to maximize your Dreamforce experience. 

CEPTES is one of the sponsors for Dreamforce 2022 and we will be showcasing our 12+ years of Salesforce expertise at Booth #341. This includes our complete Salesforce service offering (PDO, Managed Services, etc.), our innovative real-estate automation app (RealE360), our recently launched native integration platform for Salesforce (200 OK), and the most-awaited Data Management Suite (DMS) of products for Salesforce which is a combination of 5 future-ready applications DataArchiva (native archiving), DataArchiva(external archiving), DataArchiva Backup (backup & recovery), XfilesPro (file management), and DocuPrime (document generation).

If you are at Dreamforce, along with the above-mentioned things, you can’t miss out to visit booth #341. Have a great Dreamforce & looking forward to seeing you on-site.


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