Trailblazers, Salesforce has finally made announcements for one of its largest global tech conferences in the world, Dreamforce 2021! This is going to be an event like never before as Salesforce is planning to reunite the entire Ohana on one platform and empower them to connect & collaborate amongst themselves. We hope you are pumped up for it because we sure as hell are extremely excited for it.

This year Salesforce has decided to ‘go hybrid’ in its approach for Dreamforce 2021, in contrast to an all-virtual approach it adopted for Dreamforce 2020. This means that in addition to being digitally streamed live for participants & audiences like the last year, the event will also be held on-site in San Francisco, even if it’s accessible to a select few on an invitation-only basis. This time it’s being held from September 21-23, so go ahead & save the dates.

Top Reasons for Attending Dreamforce 2021

Though Dreamforce events always fulfill their promise of being true spectacles of the latest Salesforce innovations, we still feel this our duty to educate all Trailblazers about the significance & agenda of Dreamforce 2021 so that they derive maximum value from it. This is why we are highlighting the top five reasons why everyone must attend Dreamforce 2021, either in-person or online.

An All-new, Post-pandemic Approach

Hailed as the event-of-the-year that all Salesforce enthusiasts are looking forward to, Dreamforce ‘21 is cited as the ‘global family reunion’. This is because for the first time Salesforce has decided to turn it into a global conference which is open for all – from experienced Salesforce professionals, technology partners & stakeholders to beginner-level students, all of whom can access it from anywhere & everywhere. Be sure to look out for sessions discussing the importance of cloud computing & the role of Salesforce in managing the post-pandemic, new work setup.

Innovative & Informative Content

This time the three-day long Dreamforce ‘21 is offering 100+ hours worth of on-demand content, 4 live broadcast channels & an opportunity to interact and connect with fellow Trailblazers. There are going to be impactful Dreamforce keynote speeches delivered by world-renowned speakers, exchange of success stories, expert-led exclusive product demos & insightful conversations (specifically curated for each role, topic & industry) around important developments in the Salesforce community.

Salesforce’s Slack Acquisition

Dreamforce ‘21 is also expected to discuss in detail about Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack, the news of which broke out in July 2021. Since Slack will be the new platform for Customer 360 & an integral part of every Salesforce cloud, there will be many sessions to educate stakeholders about its recent developments. Most of these must-attend sessions will be centered around the exciting new capabilities that Slack can bring to the Salesforce environment further driving users closer to their ‘work from anywhere on one single platform’ goal.

Introduction of Hyperforce

Another major point of interest during Dreamforce ’21 will be Hyperforce. Several sessions will also be centered around teaching people about data security, the ability to scale rapidly, & the increased performance capabilities that this two year project (Hyperforce) has to offer. And since all Salesforce apps, customizations & integrations will be running on Hyperforce in the future, any sessions referencing it should definitely not be missed.

Salesforce+ Is Launched

Finally, if not for anything else, you must attend Dreamforce ‘21 simply because it will be easily accessible to everyone, especially with the recent launch of Salesforce’s Netflix-like digital streaming platform, Salesforce+. The platform is designed to not only provide everyone a front-row seat to the event but to also provide them with remarkable live & on-demand content for every role, industry, & line of business. It will also have several original series, podcasts, live experiences & many other engaging programs.

What’s Cooking This Dreamforce 2021? 

Over the past few Dreamforce events, we have steadily launched our suite of Salesforce data management AppExchange applications. First it was DataArchiva’s (the ONLY native Salesforce data archiving application) launch during Dreamforce ‘18 followed by DataArchiva’s (external Salesforce data archiving application) launch during Dreamforce ‘19. And then came DataArchiva Backup (our robust Salesforce data backup & recovery application) in Dreamforce ‘20. All of our flagship solutions have been well received in various customer success expos.

Just like last year, we are offering free, personalized demo sessions with our data management experts as well as a chance to avail exciting offers & discounts in the ‘Scratch & Win’ contest. So keep an eye out for some amazing product announcements about DataArchiva as we bring to you all the live-action, news, & announcements from Dreamforce 2021.

Also don’t forget to register for Dreamforce 2021 & be part of this grand Salesforce celebration.

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