DataArchiva is Introducing DataArchiva External Archiving App During Dreamforce’19

We are merely a month away from the biggest B2B Cloud conference in the world, Dreamforce. Trailblazers from various parts of the globe wait for this time of the year when they can experience four days of innovation, inspiration, giving back & learning. Dreamforce ’19 is already sold out a month back and this time we are going to witness the future takes center stage. 

Starting from 19th November in San Francisco, Dreamforce ’19 is scheduled to have 2700+ sessions, super-sessions, and major keynotes. Isn’t that huge? Apart from the sessions, keynotes; every year Dreamforce host some amazing product innovations & launchings. CEPTES launched DataArchiva at Dreamforce last year, and this year we are going to unveil the extended version of DataArchiva called ‘DataArchiva External Archiving.

As you already know, DataArchiva is a native data archiving solution for Salesforce that uses Salesforce’s own big data-based storage system called Big Objects to store the archived records, using the extended package DataArchiva External Archiving, Salesforce enterprise customers can periodically archive their historical data and store it in their preferred external storage systems. The solution supports a wide range of Cloud Database Service platform providers like Amazon, Google, Azure, Heroku, which includes various databases such as Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, etc. It also supports various On-premise storage systems. DataArchiva’s External Archiving helps Salesforce customers save high data storage costs, improve CRM performance and retain data for a long period of time to meet audit & compliance demands. 

Addressing crucial customer challenges, DataArchiva External Archiving comes with a stack of great features including Auto Scheduler, Encryption-at-rest, Bulk Archive & Restore, Large Data Migration Support, Field Audit Trail Archiving, API Enablement, Auto Metadata Sync, etc. This also takes care of complex data relationships of any level without losing data integrity. The solution is GDPR compliant and supports both the Classic & Lightning Platforms. 

Commenting on Dreamforce’19 and DataArchiva External Archiving, Harish Kumar Poolakade, the Director & Co-founder of CEPTES as well as the Chief Architect of DataArchiva said “After successfully launching DataArchiva during Dreamforce’18, I am extremely thrilled what we have achieved within a year. Today DataArchiva is being used by a wide range of Salesforce enterprise customers who are strategically archiving their data into the Big Objects and saving huge data storage costs. We are taking enterprise data archiving to the next level with our new application DataArchiva External Archiving. This will enable Salesforce customers to archive their data into an external storage system, be it a Cloud or On-Premise system. I believe DataArchiva External Archiving is going to be a game-changer and this will help us resolve different customer pain-points.” 

Meet us at Dreamforce ’19

Displaying inventions and getting inspired by some abrupt innovations, Dreamforce is packed with multiple opportunities, which will help you as well as your business to innovate, succeed, and thrive. DataArchiva is proud to be a part of Dreamforce ’19. 

We are supercharged & believe so do you. Please meet our experts during Dreamforce to see how DataArchiva can help you save over 80% of data storage costs, improve your CRM performance, meet long-term data retention needs for compliance & change the way you have been using Salesforce for years. Plus, we have some exciting offers exclusively for you. To avoid last-minute hassles, let’s confirm our meeting. 

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